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March Issue: DataDiggers is making waves at industry's top conferences! 💡

Exhibiting and presenting research in

London, New York and Athens! 💡

Get ready for an exciting lineup of events as DataDiggers gears up for Quirk's London on May 8-9 (Booth #121), Quirk's NY on July 17-18 (Kiosk Q), and ESOMAR Congress Athens on September 8-11 (Booth TBD).

We're not just attending – we're bringing mind-blowing studies that will redefine the game. This is your chance to meet us face to face and to connect, discuss, and explore how DataDiggers can elevate your business to new heights.

What to expect:

  • Cutting-edge studies

  • Networking opportunities

  • Unveiling our latest services

See you there! 😁


Curious how urban Romanians navigate

common health issues like allergies? 😌

Recently, we delved in the intricate relationship, shedding light on how individuals can navigate these prevalent health issues.

Our research reveals that allergies have a gender bias, with significantly higher occurrences among women than men. The lowest allergy rates? Found among the 56–65 age group – a likely result of their distinct childhood and adolescent lifestyles.

Are today's habits shaping our health landscape? We're excited to share our findings with you! 🤓


We welcome the spring season with

warmth, laughter, and vibrant festivities!  🎉

On March 4th, the DataDiggers team embraced the joyous Romanian tradition of "Mărțișor", a cherished holiday symbolizing the beginning of spring.

Traditionally, ,,Mărțișor” involves the exchange of red and white trinkets, believed to bring prosperity and grant wishes when hung on fruit tree branches. We embraced this festive custom, exchanging tokens of goodwill and welcoming the season with open arms.

Curious to catch a glimpse of our spirited celebration? Take a sneak peek at our delightful photos below and join us in celebrating the magic of this wonderful day! 


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