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We currently own 65 proprietary online panels in countries from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, North America and
Middle East and our studies are conducted on our actively managed online panels, gathered under the brand



Our proprietary panels are used solely for market research purposes. Members are never approached for sales, direct marketing, advertising or any other similar activity.

Our proprietary panels are recruited as close as possible to the national representative profile of the offline population, based on a diverse set of online sources. That also helps in getting samples that are representative in terms of consumption habits and attitudes. Aside from that, our online data collection system allows us to set nationally representative quotas in field and also to pre-select target groups according to the required demographic profiles.

Our proprietary panels are deeply profiled on diverse consumer and B2B criteria, enabling us to pre-select hard-to-reach audiences such as business decision makers, IT decision makers, C-Level employees, mother of babies, affluent people, frequent travellers, patients and many others. We continuously strive to improve the profiling questions and encourage our panel members to update such information on themselves. 

Looking for a high quality online panel provider?


MyVoice is an online survey community, made of internet users who fill in online surveys and participate in various market research campaigns.


Speak UP!

Our surveys offer various topics you can voice your opinions on, from food to electronics, from TV Shows to how often you access the internet on your mobile.

Easy Access

Every survey invitation will be sent directly to your email address and you can also access it from your member account. The invitation includes a direct link to the web page where the survey is hosted.

Your time is important

Filling out a survey usually takes 10-15 minutes, but there are also cases when you will be invited to longer ones. That’s great news, though. The higher the estimated survey completion time, the bigger the reward you win!

Always in control

You can access your balance and history right in your member account, at any time, to see how much money you have and how many available surveys.

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