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Company overview

We are market research experts who provide clients all over the globe with a full set of data collection solutions and supporting services to help their businesses grow. 

With teams based in Romania, Canada, India and Singapore, covering all times zones, we effectively conduct multi-national online market research projects across many verticals such as finance & banking, energy, business services, consumer products, telecom and pharmaceuticals.


In everything we do, from recruiting panel members to delivering survey completes, we strictly follow industry standards and ethics codes as part of our dedication to meet the highest level of performance!


DataDiggers Milestones

DataDiggers was established on 18 March 2015, with one thing in mind: we can do it better, faster & more cost-effective ! 







Several new colleagues joined our new Bucharest office as well as new strategic clients, like Ipsos Interactive Services, GfK Germany, or YouGovUk.

On March 2018 we returned to London as exhibitors at the Insight Show, one of the world’s oldest market research events dedicated to the industry.

We expanded into a bigger, better, and brighter office within the heart of Bucharest, as our proprietary panels peaked at 60 countries across multiple continents.

We achieved one of our key objectives in the middle of the COVID19 outbreak: becoming a full-service company!

In March 2017, our first major market research fair exposition took place at the Insight Show in London and we achieved proprietary panels in 22 countries. 

Our vision

Become the largest and most diversified source of insights and opinions in the world.

Our mission

To help individuals and businesses reach their maximum potential by facilitating their access to thoughts and opinions of people around the planet.

Our core values

Innovation: We continuously change and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our partners. 

Integrity: We never make unrealistic promises on what we can deliver. However, you can expect that we will search under every stone to get what you need, delivering by the estimated deadline, and striving to deliver high-quality data that suits your needs.

Service excellency: Our services are of the highest caliber; data is checked before delivery; and we are completely transparent and trustworthy.  

Meritocracy: The members of our team are hired, rewarded, or promoted based on their talent and experience without regard to sex, race, class, or nationality. 

Resilience: While maintaining continuous operations, we can adapt quickly to disruptions and protect people, assets, and overall brand equity. 

Flexibility: We always strive to provide the best results for our clients, so whatever efforts it takes on our part, our client's interest comes first at all times. 

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