Privacy policy

All the information DataDiggers collects is meant solely for market research purposes; our intention is only to research usage and attitudes, perception and opinions on particular products or services, reasons why consumers choose certain brands over others etc. This data is used by our customers to make business decisions on their side.

Typically all our studies are anonymous, meaning that we do not collect personal information about our respondents in any survey; we are only interested in their attitudes, opinions and perceptions. However, there may be exceptions when due to the type of study run (such as mobile diary) personal information is collected – in those cases the user is notified in advance and asked to give his/her approval. All the personal data collected is deleted after survey is finished and it is no longer needed.

We never disclose any piece of personal information (name, email address, phone number, physical address, company working for and any other element that could lead to identify someone) to a 3rd party without the prior written consent from respondent.

DataDiggers and its partners use strict data security and protection actions to secure every piece of information related to respondents. We always act in accordance with national and international data protection laws and regulations.

The main security measures we take are:

  1. Our software uses SSL to secure all operations: sampling, panel management and information provided by panel members

  2. All users who access these data will have use a personal username and password

  3. After logging in non-active users will be logged off – therefore, they have to log in once again

  4. Servers are based in the European Union and monitored 24/7 by specialized teams

  5. Employees handling or getting in touch with panel members’ personal data are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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