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January Issue: You voted “Horror”, the children created “Haunted Camp“!

During the holidays, we decided to help the children from SOS Children's Villages make a film. Their film! And we asked you to help us decide the genre of the film.

Thanks to all your votes, the winning genre was the horror film, so the children got to work and created a scary tale about children who go out to a resort, but before they can enjoy it too much, some of them start disappearing.

They also created a surprising twist ending! We are very proud of their achievements and can’t wait to share the finished film with you, on our social media channels, soon. Before that is live, please check some photos from the making of the film.


Meet Daniel Dunose, CEO of DataDiggers!

How did Paula and Daniel establish DataDiggers? And what did Daniel do before DataDiggers? Or what about our plans for the future?


Curious to discover the answers to these questions, and a lot more? Join us for a chat with our visionary CEO, Daniel Dunose, and find out the secrets behind our success in the market research industry!


Discover Daniel’s incredible journey, our vision for the future, and our proactive strategies for staying at the forefront of innovation.


Gain profound insigh​ts with our

experimental study "Human vs AI."

Decades of focused research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have sparked a revolution across numerous industries.

We’ve recently run an experimental study, "Human vs AI ", exploring the capabilities of general-purpose AI in tackling intricate research tasks. Rather than employing specialized tools, we chose to leverage widely recognized and freely available AI, such as ChatGPT, to emulate the perspective of small business owners or budget-conscious professionals.

The experiment yielded a significant insight: achieving the best performance from AI demands both fine-tuning and human supervision. While virtually all market research providers are poised to integrate AI, disregarding its limitations or excessively relying on it poses inherent risks.

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