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Greenpower to All People!

Greenpower to All People!


One of our recent studies looked at the human impact on the environment and what we, all of us, not just the experts, can do to help tackle the issues we created. After the past few years, with all the heat records and extreme weather events, these problems can’t be ignored anymore.

Many people are not yet fully convinced of the gravity of the challenge we face, but very few think we have nothing to worry about.

The easiest way to act is to vote with your wallet – if more and more people are buying products with reduced environmental footprint, businesses will have an incentive to develop such products, otherwise, they will risk being left behind. Many brands are going environmentally friendly, at least in their marketing.

We focused on the Briton experiences with the most common ‘Green’ claims.

But there’s another way to influence, which we also briefly touched on in our research: environmental and climate activism.


Here’s an example of what people said:

You will not see this data in our report. Why would we do such a thing? There are clear differences between age groups; we should have reported that.

Or should we?

What do we see in this chart, actually? We see that the younger people are, the more likely they are to be more daring in their thinking or actions.

Is this a surprise for anyone? I sincerely doubt that.

On top of this, I believe that showing such data risks falling into the cliché of the ages-old ‘war’ between younger and older generations – some (you know who) are too reckless and too troublesome, while others are too slow to change and too afraid to act, or so the argument goes. OK, this might be more or less true.

But what’s the point of ‘pitting’ one generation against another, while we’re trying to figure out issues impacting all of us, regardless of age?

This would only divert attention from the main topics while bringing no useful information to the table.


So, once again, the old saying rang true: Sometimes Less is More.


If you are curious about what our research has to say, head HERE. I believe you'll find it interesting enough.

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