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DataDiggers X Succeet23 Germany Conference - Human and | or AI

We were thrilled to explore the city of Wiesbaden and participate in the Succeet23 Conference!

Succeet23 provided an excellent opportunity to connect with our valuable clients and to establish new connections!

We took the time to interview our colleagues Petru Curosu, Sales Team Leader and Cristian Craciun

Director, Sales & Business Development, who took the stage at Succeet, and delivered a presentation on our study about Human and | or AI.

During the conference, were there any emerging market research trends or innovative techniques that particularly piqued your interest?

Petru: I got captivated by several new MR trends and innovations, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and

Augmented Reality (AR) but also Big Data Analytics.

Cristi: There always are! In an era where artificial intelligence is rapidly changing industries, I can for sure say the hottest subject in our industry is still related to the AI technology and it's future. There were a lot of companies who moved or at least side invest in AI, from questionnaire scripting companies, questionnaire building to translations and so on!

Could you share your observations on notable interactions and the key takeaways from

Cristi: AI and machine learning algorithms are being used to automate data analysis, predict consumer

behavior, and provide personalized recommendations. We even had a presentation on comparison

between AI and Human teams were we found some very interesting facts and we also were quite

surprised to see the accuracy on how the AI managed to develop the questionnaire but also to provide

some very accurate guess percentages on several questions.

Petru: In terms of Big Data Analytics, the use of big data and advanced analytics techniques has become

increasingly important in market research. Companies are collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data

from various sources to gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive


Regarding the VR and AR are being used to create immersive research experiences. Researchers can use

these technologies to test products and gather data on consumer reactions in simulated environments.

Based on your conference experience, can you identify something that you believe could
have a positive impact on our company?

Petru: Remaining informed about the offerings of other industry players is essential for staying

competitive and enhancing our range of services and capabilities. While there may not have been a significant groundbreaking revelation that led to a complete overhaul of our approach, the collective

pool of ideas undoubtedly contributes to a clearer understanding of our current position and the

direction in which we aspire to evolve.

Cristi: It is always good to be aware of what other companies from the industry offers in order to keep up and also improve our portfolio of services and capabilities. I cannot say there was something that sparked our imagination on how to come with an innovation to completely change our understandings, but of course, the ideas altogether helps us to have a better overview on where we are and where we want to be!

How did the presentation on the topic of Human vs. A.I. progress, and what was the
audience's response?

Cristi: Since the subject was quite a “hot” one nowadays there was a lot of interest in the presentation I

kept. Everyone was taking pictures at the presentation' slides, hey asked questions and they looked very

interested on the matter. It was not a full presentation since we had only 15 minutes available, but more

a hook one! I was impressed by how many went to our booth after the presentation in order to find

more about the results of the experiment.

Petru: My colleague, Cristi, had the opportunity to be our speaker during the fair, he managed to

present in detail the main points of the experiment in a timely manner. The crowd was intrigued and

along the way he managed to obtain the attention of more and more attendees.

One thing is for sure, through his presentation he managed to spark and luminate the entire hall!

Were there any inquiries or discussions related to our presentation?

Petru: I think through his presentation, Cristi managed to completely reshape attendees perspective on

the interplay between human ingenuity and AI. Being a complex experiment that considered two

different parts (Midlife Crises but also the double approach humans vs AI interaction) there was no

surprise to see that many of them had questions or inquiries such us how to obtain the extended report.

Cristi: Of course they were! Most of the questions were more orientated on the AI team and not too

many on the human part of the experiment but for sure this is understandable. While some attendees

were intrigue to learn more on how exactly the AI managed to generate such accurate predictions, other

were interested in seeing the extended presentation, the one I kept being actually a hook one due to the

time limitation (15 minutes).

From which presentation did you gain the most valuable market research insights?

Cristi: There were a lot of interesting presentations, the one that caught my attention the most was “Is

generative AI making it more difficult to detect bad data quality? Innovate to Elevate”, probably because

it had a similar scope to the one I had but also because it presented one of the main concerns on the MR

online methodologies nowadays!

Petru: There were plenty of interesting presentations, for sure! I think it is not a matter of which one

had the most insights since each information from each presentation makes us better understand the

industry and its challenges.

Did you have the chance to visit Wiesbaden, Germany, and if so, what place held the
greatest allure for you?

Petru: We had the chances of visiting the city first day in the evening and it was a quite relaxing city I

would say! Not many things to visit, but through the walk I had I managed to fully charge my batteries

for the fair!

Cristi: I did and I loved it! While I found it as a small non-touristic city, I really appreciated how clean and quiet it was. Even in the rush hours, there was not too crowdie, not that many cars in traffic. A city I see myself leaving in, for sure!

While in Germany, did you have the opportunity to savor any local cuisine?

Cristi: Germany is for sure recognized for their unique cuisine, that's a fact! I had the chance of trying some of their local beers and I don't regret it at all! It was not my first time in Germany so I even know what restaurants and pubs provide the best experiences! I think it is a matter of experience.

Petru: Good food, good beer! I wouldn't have expected anything less!

What were your initial impressions or observations about your interactions with Germans?

Petru: I didn't notice any major difference, they were always happy to chat, get to know us and learn

more about us.

Cristi: Since we are both Europeans there are not too many differences in terms of behavior, attitude

and so one. Worm people, always happy to discuss and help whenever is needed!

How would you rate your experience at the Succeet Conference in comparison to other
conferences you've attended?

Cristi: There is always a new experience, a different one, from one fair to another! I don't think there's

a ranking between them since you always have a chance to meet new people but also to gather some

new insights.

Petru: It was my first time attending a MR fair so I cannot make a comparison but one thing is for sure,

I'll definitely be there next time!

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