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What’s new, what’s old?

The long-awaited moment is here. The winter holiday knocked on our door, and we are ready to embrace everything that comes along with it. And as you know, this is the holy jolly season of gifts, but since the pandemic really complicated things, we can’t send any presents any more to our partners & clients, like would normally do.

What’s happening at DataDiggers & Why are these donations important?

But that’s not all! A small gesture can make a big change. Therefore, we thought to show our gratefulness to our partners and clients through donations.

You might think that small donations can’t make a difference. But for those who suffer from poverty, illness, trauma and serious diseases, even a kind word can heal some wounds. So why not show them a hand in these difficult times?

In a world where everyone spends a lot of money on expensive gifts, be the light that guides those in need. You don’t have to be rich to help other people, you just have to be kind.

And because the power of example can change lives, we thought to be the ones that start this ‘trend’ and help these 5 charity foundations with funds, to make their holiday season a bit brighter.

So… what’s your part in all this?

You may wonder… well, why should you know about it? Because you’re also a part of this and without you, we wouldn’t be able to help other people. 😊

Should we select one charity and donate the entire amount to them? Or split it among all five organizations? The choice is yours!

„Speranță” means „hope” in Romanian. And hope is the only thing that makes a difference between people.

Some are hopeless, while some feel like they can rule the whole world. Living in poor conditions, not having access to basic living facilities, being sick, are real issues that make some people give up on their dreams, or on their hope for tomorrow. The moment we visited their site was the moment we realized that we should help them.

We chose this foundation because we want to support and to help build the first national hospital for kids suffering from cancer, trauma or other serious health issues.

We think that by donating to this cause, we will solve a real issue in the Romanian health system.

When we first contacted them, they told us that they are currently keeping in foster-care about 130 dogs and cats. They also told us that they are trying to build a new foster-care centre, unfortunately, the lack of funds stopped them from finishing this project.

All these pets could’ve been living on the streets, but they made a change!


We all know how important mental health is but how easily we sometimes ignore the real issues behind it. Therefore, we thought that during these times, it would be appropriate to donate to this cause.

We can’t ignore this issue anymore, it’s time to make a change, to show the world how mental health can make a big difference, if it’s treated in a serious manner.

5. EduCab

We wish things got better, but for some kids and youngsters, every day is a struggle. These people, at EduCab, try to build libraries (or small cinemas) for those who cannot access real schools or who live in poor conditions and can’t afford to buy books or to rent movies.

Culture and education are what improve life year after year, generation after generation. These make the foundation of life, the reason why technology is so advanced, the reason why we can do so many things at once, to evolve as a species.

In the end, we are happy to be part of this huge achievement, and for us, at DataDiggers, this is probably the best part of 2020, which we are thankful for! 😊

Take care of those around you! Spread the love. ♥


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