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Our market research solutions are built on a foundation of high-quality, reliable respondent sources, which means we can help you better undersand exactly what is happening in every stage your products and services find themselves in. Customize your study using the help of our experts, reach your target audience and discover powerful new insights.


Validating ideas

This is the stage in which the ideas or concepts created by the marketing team are validated by the target audience, the final goal being the optimization of the investments made by the client.


Market understanding

The moment when the customer understands in detail the market he is in, or the one he plans to enter, with his product. You can now discover the size of the market, what your competition is doing right, possible dissatisfaction with existing products in the market etc. The ultimate goal is to get a complete picture of the market, in order to know how to improve your market strategy.


New product building

Research is also needed to design and position a new product efficiently in terms of time and cost, what features it should have for maximum impact in the market and, if applicable, where it should be sold (retail testing), where it should be positioned on the shelf (virtual shelf testing), how it should be packaged (packaging testing) and at what price it should be sold (price testing). DataDiggers can support you in any or all of these steps.


Customer happiness

Here we discover details about how your customers see your current products, in the smallest details: where your products are better compared to the competition, where they are worse, what should you do to improve the products and the offer, the final goal being to optimize your investments.


Campaign and creative testing

This is the pre-launch phase of a promotion campaign, in which various concepts, slogans, texts, images etc. are tested, and its purpose is to maximize the impact of the marketing campaign in the market.


Ad testing

Once a certain concept has been created in the previous step, its effect on the market is tested before the official launch, in order to optimize your investments.


Customer journey to purchase

This solution tests the purchase process followed by the consumer on any channel in which the product is available, be they physical stores or online stores. The process bottlenecks and process optimization solutions are identified, so that the time before the purchase is reduced to the maximum. It is also possible to find out which process is followed by the consumer in the case of competing products.


After launch optimization

Through research, at this point you can understand the problems that arose after the launch, especially when things do not go as expected. For example, you expected a 20% increase in sales in the first month after launch, but that is only 5%. In this step you can receive answers to these questions.


Brand testing & measurement

At this moment in the research process, the brand's performance is analyzed in detail, both in comparison with your expectations, and in comparison with the similar products of the competition.

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