Whom should we donate to?

Who should we donate to?


In December, during the Holiday season, we would normally show our appreciation towards you, our partners, by offering gifts.

We would have loved to do it again this year, but with most of us working from home, we decided to show our gratitude in a different way. We are donating our entire gifts budget to charity!

We've selected five amazing Romanian organizations and we need your help with deciding who we should donate to. Should we select one charity and donate the entire amount to them? Or split it among all five organizations?

Here is our short list:

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"Dăruiește viață" is building the first national hospital for kids suffering from cancer, trauma or other serious health issues.


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"Asociația pentru protecția animalelor - HOPE" saves abandoned animals (puppies and cats) and finds them a new home. At the moment they are trying to build a new foster-care center, but unfortunately the lack of funds stopped them from finishing the project.


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"Fundația Estuar" is offering social and alternative options to adults with mental health problems, for their reintegration into the Romanian community.


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"EduCab" is circulating quality educational, cultural and civic content, expertise and physical resources between large and small communities, aiming to transform the local libraries in cultural hubs.


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“Speranță pentru România” is a humanitarian association focused on providing aid to people in need and the most disadvantaged social categories.


Send an email to wedonate@datadiggers-mr.com with your choice and we will take care of the rest!

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