Run a study, plant a tree!

November 2021

For every study you run with us, we will plant a tree in your honour. This way, not only you will refresh your business or your organization, but you will also receive an everlasting gift from us, turning the world into a better place.


Traveling is our new market research tool

November 2021

At DataDiggers, we strive to make things better, more exciting, entertaining, and most importantly, human. We also enjoy attending trade shows, conferences and other events, therby improving our experience and expertise.


We also thank you for joining us at Succeet21, in Munich!

October 2021

After only 1 week we got to attend Succeet21, in Munich, which was, again, such a good opportunity to meet you and talk about our long-term direction!


Thank you for joining us at Quirk’s Marketing Research Media Event!

October 2021

Our team was thrilled to finally meet all of you, in person, in London, and discuss our plans and future prospects!


We're looking for Sales Coordinator Americas!

september 2021

With many years of experience in the industry, our team is one of the best! In addition, we are looking for a new colleague to join us as a Sales Coordinator Americas!


A new badge has just been awarded to us as one of Quirk's Top Companies (2021) for Quantitative Research

July 2021

It is an exciting time for us just as well as it is for you to embark on new adventures! In the future, we will provide even better services and capabilities!

Don't forget to read our column too!


Have you tried the Omnibus yet?

June 2021

It is a method of quantitative marketing research in which data is collected on a wide range of subjects during the same interview!

Key features:

  • Fast and affordable answers in a single interview.

  • Clear data about a broadly defined population.

  • An in-depth look at your customers' perceptions of your products.

  • Cost savings by sharing sampling and screening expenses with other partners

The prices start at 105€ for an omnibus with 20 questions and 1000 completes and at about 70€ for an omnibus with 20 questions and 500 completes! 


Save the date and win big prizes!

April 2021

Would you like a chance to win prizes at Succeet21, one of the best events of the season? Then take part in this giveaway!

We'll give you an amazing discount if you're one of the first 50 people who send us a screenshot with our booth! In addition to that, if you are one of the 20 first people who join us on the live chat, you will receive a free consultation by video customized just for you and your business! 

This giveaway is only available on the first day of the even, on the 14th of April.

Our energetic team is ready to greet you, present our newest achievements and success stories! 🤩

Want to take advantage of this opportunity? Then sign up for free at Succeet21 on https://succeet.Expo-ip.Com/ and make the most of it!

You'll find us there!


We are extremely honored to have been accepted as SORMA members!

The Romanian Society for Marketing and Public Opinion Research was founded in 2001, having 15 market research companies as members at the moment and covering over 70% of the total volume of professional market research conducted in Romania.

May 2021


We love helping!

In December we held a holiday campaign with the goal of donating our holiday budget to the foundation you chose.Thanks to you, our partners, we were able to help the “Give Life Association” with a donation of 1000EUR. This foundation aims to transform the Romanian healthcare system, by bringing hope and showing that things can be changed.

This is how it's going so far! And you can help too, by donating to www.daruiesteviata.ro !

March 2021


Business, like friendship, is for life!

February 2021

Honesty and loyalty are the core principles of market research. That’s what we learned over the past years, working in this industry, and now we have a new goal: in 2021 we wish to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners!

To prove it, here’s our reward for you!

* For all projects where we help you with 1000-1499 completes, we will offer a 5% overall discount (for the sample side only)

* For all projects where we help you with 1500-1999 completes, we will offer a 7% overall discount (for the sample side only)

* For all projects where we help you with 2000+ completes, we will offer a 10% overall discount (for the sample side only)

Claim your loyalty reward by emailing us at rfq@datadiggers-mr.com!


Thank you for your trust!

January 2021

Because of you, 2020 was our most successful year in the market research industry, even though we all had to navigate an uncertain landscape.

While digging in our data, we discovered that we had run a total of 20,831 unique projects in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Thank you for trusting us!

Another interesting finding was the big contribution that our proprietary panels have made. Inside the 60 countries where our members are participating from we achieved a total of 261,377 completed surveys.

Image by Akson

We're looking for Sales Coordinator Americas!

Our team is one of the most experienced in the market research industry! 

But we always want to get better!
We are looking for a serious and passionate new colleague, to join our dynamic team.
Join us as a
Sales Coordinate Americas🌎 and let's grow together!

January 2021

0 - First Cover-100.jpg

We just launched a new product!

Are you ready to meet the OMNIBUS?

An omnibus survey is a method of quantitative marketing research where data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview.
Through an omnibus we're surveying a wide variety of subjects inside
one single interview to offer you the best prices and data on the market.

January 2021


2020 is almost over, but there are many reasons to be jolly about it!   HoHoHo! 🎅

It’s no secret that it was a rough year, but also one that taught us important lessons. What counts is that we had a good laugh, too! Oh, didn’t you hear?

Here are 10 reasons to keep a smile on your face ‘till 2021 comes to the rescue…

December 2020


Whom should we donate to?

This year, we are donating our entire gifts budget to charity!
We've selected five amazing Romanian organizations and we need your help with deciding who we should donate to.
Should we select one charity and donate the entire amount to them? Or split it among all five organizations?

December 2020


Welcome, Mohammad!

We're pleased to announce Mohammad for joining our Sales team. Mohammad brings a lot of experience across several markets within international roles along with a proven history in IT, services and business consulting.

December 2020

Diapozitiv 0 - coperta.jpg

Romanians are voting, in times of COVID-19

December 2020

It is not a secret that this year has been challenging for most of us, if not all of us. At the beginning of March, The World Health Organization stated the new covid-19 pneumonia as a global pandemic, which started in Wuhan, China. 

At first, it seemed as if it would pass in a month or two, but that was just the beginning to what can be marked as one of the hardest and unpredictable time for us all.

  • Will they vote this Sunday? If yes, why? If not, why?

  • Do Romanians think that the elections should have been postponed, like it happened earlier this year with the local elections? What would the pros be? What about the cons? 

  • What is the general perception of the Romanian population regarding the performance of the Romanian Government? What is the general perception regarding the way they handled this pandemic?

  • What are the best measures to be implemented regarding this pandemic? What is the general perception of the population regarding the wear of face masks?

  • Are Romanians worried about the financial situation?

Our research was held through a series of interviews, taken between the 9th and 19th of November 2020. The interview consisted of several questions, in a total of 9 minutes, and our respondents were both women and men, aged 18-65 years old, from the urban areas.

We gathered a total of 680 of completed surveys.  

We hope that in the following presentation you will be able to find answers to the most important questions that you might have regarding these elections and the general perception that is foreseen in Romania, according to the national representative.


Another friendly face joins DataDiggers

November sure has been a busy month for us, but we're not done with it yet. Please welcome our newest staff member, within the Marketing team, Andreea who will be take care of Panel Incentives and Recruitments.

November 2020


Expanding our team and our office!

We've recently made our team bigger as well as our office. Check out a full summary of these and what else we did in the past month!

November 2020


The person behind our social media posts and campaigns

We're very excited to have Luana joining the Marketing team! She's eager to learn new thing every day, enthusiastic and positive. 

Luana is ready to take on any challenge and make the best of it!

November 2020


Welcome, Marieta!

Our newest addition to the Operations Team is Marieta. She is a likeable and reliable person: "When I make a promise, I do everything to keep it!"

November 2020


Find us in our bigger, better & brighter office!

Our business growth means that… we are happy to inform you that we moved to a new office, across the street from our previous one!

Starting today you can find us at 155 Calea Victoriei, Bl. D1, Entrance 5, Floor 8, Office 9, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania.

Reach us by phone at (+40) 770 794 874

November 2020


Welcome aboard, Alex!

With a curious and analytical mind, Alex is always ready to find the best solution for any situation that may occur. We're glad to have him on board!

October 2020


DataDiggers' Proprietary Panels

Our proprietary panels are, and have been, part of the core of our business.

Working with us means getting access to more than 700 000 members and flawless high-quality data in 60 strong and fast growing online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas!

October 2020


Please welcome, Loredana!

We wanted someone who can be our first point of contact for our members and we got what we've asked for indeed. Meet Loredana!

October 2020


Multi-country research results available!

During the 22nd of May and the 9th of June 2020 we ran the fieldwork for our research

September 2020


We're looking for Digital Panel Recruitment Specialist

Do you have the skills to guide our clients to unearth outstanding talent to drive game-changing digital strategies? If so, we want you!

September 2020

Image by George Pagan III

We're looking for Content Writer & Social Media Coordinator

We are looking for a talented Social media coordinator to create and maintain a strong online presence for our company.

September 2020

Image by Brooke Cagle

We're looking for Member Support Representative

We want to meet someone who can be the first point of contact for all membership related questions, requests and concerns. Let's meet!

September 2020


Welcome home!

We are really happy to invite you to our new online home, the new DataDiggers corporate website

August 2020

Image by Clayton Cardinalli

We're looking for Project Coordinator Americas

Feel like Preparing comprehensive action plans, including resources, timeframes and budgets for projects. Sounds like something you can handle? Apply now!

August 2020

New Hires

We're looking for Sales Coordinator EMEA!

DataDiggers is expanding the sales team. Find out if you fit our job role and contact us!

August 2020

Image by Husna Miskandar

We're looking for Sales Coordinator Americas!

DataDiggers is expanding the sales team. Find out if you fit our job role and contact us!

August 2020


Continue to work with the experts.

From start to finish!

Our teams are ready to leverage their experience and know-how, guiding you through every step of the process, from creating your research questionnaire to disseminating your project’s insights and findings.

July 2020


Together, from start to finish!

After five years in the market research industry, five years full of learning experiences, development and growth, our company has reached a new milestone.

July 2020


Welcome Raluca!

As an open and outgoing person, Raluca is an adaptable Project Manager experienced in market research and customer service both face to face and online.

July 2020


All lives matter!

The events taking place during the last few months made us feel the need to share this message of encouragement.

June 2020


We're looking for Project Coordinator!

Can you handle quantitative and qualitative quotation requests in an accurate and timely fashion, looking to converting them into projects? Do you know how to conduct the fieldwork stage for different online market research surveys?...Then let's meet!

May 2020


We are helping you navigate change 

At DataDiggers, we help you, our clients, navigate change. If you want to continue running online projects, or if you are thinking of adapting to the new global situation and moving some of your offline research to online methodologies, we are here for you.

May 2020


During uncertain times you can always count on the experts!

At DataDiggers, we think and act like business partners. We share your aspirations, work on understanding your reality and align our actions with your objectives. We are in this together!

April 2020


Welcome, Claudiu!

There's not a day that goes by without making changes or improving the activity of our company. With this idea in mind, we want to welcome in our team yet another skilled member.

March 2020


The 2020 Quirk's Event at London 2020

We are keeping ourselves busy with meetings, interviews and presentations, but can't wait to see you, talk about your plans and projects and understand how we can help you further.

Feb 2020

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