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Traveling is our new market research tool

From a marketing standpoint, market research is only a matter of reports, data, and long meetings. But it can be more than that.

At DataDiggers, we strive to make things better, more exciting, entertaining, and, most importantly, human. We also enjoy attending trade shows, conferences, and other events, thereby improving our experience and expertise.

A good market researcher should be looking forward to much more than just securing new partnerships. Focus on building quality partnerships through knowing your partner, its business and socializing and all the rest.

People are at the heart of every successful business, so you should focus on your people and not your business.

That's why we've been travelling quite a bit in the past few weeks. With the lifting of restrictions, we wanted to meet with you, our partners, once again. Although it's not summer anymore, we didn't let that stop us in the slightest.

The trip was fun, and we enjoyed a nice view and good company!

I guess we should start by talking about the first event we attended in October. It was the Quirk’s Event, in London. And who would say no to London? We were just too excited to have the opportunity to fly again and take pictures of everything we saw along the way. And so we did.

It took place between the 13 and 14 of October, which was really pleasant for us, just in the middle of fall.

It had a long list of exhibitors, alongside some big names like Bilendi, Kantar or Prodege, etc. It also had a good series of games and experiences that you could take part in. For example, you could eat a balloon (which was

100% edible), or you had the opportunity to get a lasting memory in the form of a caricature sketch of yourself or of your colleagues, or even get a henna tattoo. How nice is that?

In terms of workshops and sessions, the list was impressive, stocked with good names. You had the chance to learn and discover quite a lot of stuff, from “Amplifying innovation and reducing waste” to “How continuous insight-gathering accelerates change” and much more!

The first day was marked by two nice events. First, Quirk’s decided to have a drink with all of us, so they organized the event called “Cocktails with Quirk’s in the Expo Hall” and it was such a relief after a day full of insights, statistics, Panel Books & networking.

And then we attended the “Research Club Party”, where we got to relax, enjoy good music and quality conversation.

Then, after only 1 week we got to attend Succeet21, in Munich, which was, again, such a good opportunity to meet you and talk about our long-term direction!

There were a lot of exhibitors, as well, some of which we’ve met at Quirk’s too, some of which we haven’t met before. And it was like a fresh breath of air! There were also present well-known names like Frenus, Ipsos, Lucid, etc.

In terms of work-shops, the agenda included a lot of great names. And we really found it really thoughtful of them to include both workshops and seminars in English and German. Because we felt as if they gave us more choices, which is always a good sign.

The sky was the limit, really! You had the chance to discover a lot of insights, from “Next level customer immersion tools” to “Exciting innovations in automated charting & reporting” and much more!

You could easily find something according to your taste and needs if you looked twice.

Of course, we can't forget how user-friendly the registration process was.

And we also enjoyed the good Bavarian food and the Networking Party, which took place this year as well. It was organized at Kongress Bar and was a really good way of ending the first day of the trade show! We should probably thank The Research Club for coming up with such a great idea!

In conclusion, not everything is about numbers and data. Sometimes, in order to understand your partner’s business better, you got to travel and feel the world around you. And only after that, you will be able to conduct quality market research!

Now back to business!

Until next time.


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