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Corporate Responsability

We create a positive impact by actively engaging in ethical practices and community-driven initiatives.

Research makes a better world

We use research to bring a positive impact on people's lives and the environment. We believe in the mission of making a better, healthier world and in eliminating financial, gender or racial inequalities. This mission begins with each of us, and every step we take from now on in this direction will ensure our descendants a world in which they can prosper professionally and personally.

Run a study, join the party!

Reflecting on our recent commitment to corporate social responsibility, we are delighted to share the success of a special winter celebration that took place for the children at SOS Children's Villages. As a participant in our studies, you played a vital role in making this event memorable by selecting the film genre for the movie screening at the heart of this enchanting and celebratory gathering. 
In alignment with our dedication to making a positive impact we successfully purchased thoughtful gifts and personally delivered them to the caregivers at the center. These gifts were then distributed to the children, ensuring that they joy and magic of the season were shared with those who needed it most. Your involvement has contributed significantly to creating lasting lasting memories and spreading warmth during the winter festivities.

Run a study, give a gift! #2

For the 2022 Holiday Season we wanted to share our love with those around us again, making it easy for you, our clients and partners, to brighten children's Christmas!

For every study you've run with us, we have donated a gift towards CONCORDIA's Humanitarian Association! Our team took care of everything, from receiving the children's letters to purchasing and delivering the gift to the institute! 


As part of its humanitarian mission, CONCORDIA Humanitarian Association makes sure every child in need can stay in school until they graduate. 98 percent of the children in CONCORDIA daycare centers finish the school cycle, but there is still a long way to go! By supporting their cause, we ensured that no child will be left behind.

Si ca titlu putem pune 

Run a study, give a gift! #2

Run a study, plant a tree!

Planting trees is a promise we make to the environment, because a cleaner and healthier environment is where we can all become better. We planted trees on behalf of our partners, because we believe in the power of example and thus we want to create the ideal framework for a society that we would all like.

Run a study, give a gift ! #SharingIsCaring

Regardless of whether it was monetary gifts or clothes, we have created a custom from donations that we adhere to with responsibility and rigor. We believe that the first step to change the world is to eliminate inequalities between people and help those who really are in need.