• Daniel Dunose

    Managing Director

    The founder of DataDiggers, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed...

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  • Paula Elena Paslaru

    Chief Client Officer

    Being a Chief Client Officer in the online market research industry is often a tough task, especially...

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  • Catalin Antonescu

    Director of Operations

    With more than 15 years in market research industry, covering both online and offline research areas,...

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  • Divakar Sharma

    Director of Sales

    Divakar has over 17 years of total experience; with last 13 years in market research, spread over...

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  • George Ganea

    Digital Marketing Manager

    With over 12 years part of the Online Market Research industry, working in teams ranging from Sampling,...

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  • Elena Dumitrescu

    Finance Director

    Elena Dumitrescu has helped DataDiggers reach new heights in terms of quality project management....

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  • Vineet Thakur

    Project Manager

    At DataDiggers, Vineet is currently responsible to ensure smooth execution of projects.

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  • Madalina Mirigel

    Project Manager

    Project manager with 13 years of activity, market research specialist, experienced in change and...

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  • Ruchi Singh

    Member Management & Support

    With over 9 years of rich experience in Market Research, Customer Service and Financial Services,...

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