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An online focus group is an interactive 1-2 hours discussion within a group made of 6-8 people, part of a specific audience, moderated by an experienced professional on the internet inside a specialized platform. Same as in an offline focus group, the moderator is trained to collect valuable feedback from respondents that can be later used to conduct a quantitative research. The discussion is supervised and monitored in real time by both the agency conducting the focus group and client’s representative(s).

The biggest advantage compared to an offline focus group is that the results are available on the spot at client’s side and also costs are much lower, considering there are no expenses related to catering or transportation of respondents to the studio.


DataDiggers does online focus groups in all the countries where we own strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as around the world via carefully chosen local partners.

The participants to the online focus groups are recruited from our own online panels via a short online survey. Whoever qualifies and accepts to participate in the subsequent online focus group is asked to login the online focus group platform at a certain date and hour and get involved in the discussion as much as possible.

The sessions have to be moderated by professionals who are native speakers of local official languages and experienced in pulling the best out of a specific audience. We can either provide these moderators or client can take care of that part, in which case we would only handle the recruitment and handling the incentives at the end of the fieldwork. Since personal data of panel members has to be collected, a non-disclosure agreement is required to be signed by client before recruitment starts.

All the online focus groups sessions are recorded and the end client (or other party involved) has the possibility to monitor the process in real time.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure best quality for the data collected using online focus groups across the Central and Eastern Europe area:

  • Apart from the project manager that is in permanent contact with client, two senior level local supervisors work on each project, ensuring backup throughout the project and availability of a knowledgeable contact at all times
  • Project materials are proofed for translation by native speakers of each language, to make sure that client’s original goals are not missed due to poor translation
  • Thorough briefing and debriefing of the moderator(s)
  • Moderators are chosen based on their experience with the topic and are always native speakers of the official local language(s)
  • Attendance at all focus groups to provide a first-hand account of consumer’s issues
  • Deliverables are thoroughly checked by two different experienced analysts to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client.

Works best for ...

  • Getting valuable in-depth insights on products found in a prototype stage or those that are declining in terms of sales. Helps to find answers that quantitative research can later transform into measurable results.

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