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QUIRK'S LONDON x DATA DIGGERS - Always a pleasure! | Part II

We’re getting closer and closer to Quirk's London 2023!

In the first part of our discussion, we tried to uncover Divakar, Alexandru and Madalina's thoughts and expectations regarding Quirk’s London 2023.

And as promised, we are back with the second part, in which we wanted to see the usage of artificial intelligence, sustainability in the market research industry and much, much more!

In recent months, people are using artificial intelligence in almost every field. How much is artificial intelligence currently used in the market research industry? How will this new tool change the industry in the future?

Artificial intelligence has become a widely used tool in market research.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: Artificial intelligence has been around for some years already in the industry. It is being used for various tasks and it can be a big help, for example, when it comes to processing big data. Of course, AI will only continue to evolve and influence market research – as employees will have to adapt and learn new things in order to remain relevant.

  • Madalina Mirigel: The AI can indeed be a valuable source of inspiration, helping us to get out of the comfort zone and quickly access information and perspectives that will probably otherwise not be taken seriously. But knowing that someone, somewhere, had a similar idea at some point and dared to put it in writing, can also empower us.

  • I don’t know how much it is used in the industry, but I certainly use it as I would be asking for a point of view from a friend, while enjoying a coffee together. 😊

  • Divakar Sharma: AI is undoubtedly the future of technology worldwide. As far as I know, only a handful of companies have adopted AI in one way or the other. But, I do see a lot of potential for using AI in the day-to-day work for MR professionals, like survey building, data processing, open end analysis etc. We could also potentially use AI in mobile applications, but how much of it will be used and how, only time will tell. 😊

Public opinion has recently discussed more and more about sustainability. What is your opinion about this situation? Do you think that currently the market research industry has the necessary tools to become sustainable?

The integration of sustainability in the market research industry has become a goal and a challenge at the same time.

  • Divakar Sharma: Yes, I strongly believe that MR industry will always exist as long as there’s a product, service or an idea to sell and there’s a customer for either of these in the world. Everything, from manufacturing a needle to building a ship requires some research. Now, based on your product, service or idea you will need help from professionals and that’s where the MR industry comes into play.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: At the previous conference in Singapore, the MRMW APAC, we had a presentation on the topic of sustainable food. There is definitely a growing interest around this topic, as it involves many areas like environmental protection and economical situations. Sustainable food will have to happen, sooner or later, so we need to be prepared and informed.

  • Madalina Mirigel: Sustainability is not yet very clearly defined, it is still more likely a desire, a noble scope and being 100% sustainable is still a beautiful dream. But we do feel that all industries are making efforts to go beyond the declaring of being sustainable and actually implement the sustainable processes, technologies and practices in the sectors it is feasible.

How has the transition from MRMW APAC to Quirk’s London been for you, and what are the contrasts in the approach of these two events with regards to DataDiggers?

Alex is our colleague who was in Singapore a few days ago at the MRMW APAC conference.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: I would compare the two conferences as 2 very different dishes: the MRMW APAC has been like a good Japanese ramen, full of flavor and nourishing, where we could meet new colleagues and discover new cultures. The Quirk’s in London will be like a good old pizza – big and with a big variety of ingredients.

What are your expectations for your trip to London, known as one of the most amazing cities in the world?

Besides the opportunity to be present at an important event, our colleagues also have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  • Madalina Mirigel: It is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the market research industry, which can lead to new business partnerships.

  • We also plan to attend presentations and meet industry experts, who share their knowledge and insights through keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions.

  • Another point is the opportunity to learn about new tools and technologies that can improve our market research efforts.

  • There is also the component of professional development and it will for sure be a source of inspiration and motivation. Meeting and learning from other professionals in the field can help develop new ideas and approaches to our work.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: London remains a worldwide hub for many industries around the world. In my view, I think that London remains the capital of market research in Europe.

  • Divakar Sharma: Besides business, London is an exciting city, the weather, from sunny to rainy in the same day, sometimes even in the blink of an eye; to the rush, I mean the people on the street, in cars, in buses, in tube, it’s a busy city; to the serene country-side, some iconic sightseeing spots, shopping spots, museums, not to miss Greenwich standing at the 0 degree longitude, home of the prime meridian (GMT) is an experience one should not miss. Apart from all this, it’s always a pleasure to meet some of my friends and relatives in and around London.


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