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QUIRK'S LONDON x DATA DIGGERS - Always a pleasure! | Part I

After an unforgettable presence in Singapore, spring continues for DataDiggers with another conference, Quirk's London. We have no doubt that London is a special story for our company, because this city hosted the first major event in the market research industry that we attended, the Insight Show in 2017.

We discussed with Madalina Mirigel (Senior Executive), Divakar Sharma (Director, Integration Solutions Products & IT) and Alexandru Craciun (Growth & Partnership Manager EMEA) before their departure for London about their and DataDiggers' expectations before this event, but also about the news they will bring to this conference. They are waiting for you at stand 305 between May 3-4 for a memorable meeting!

What thoughts and expectations do you have before Quirk’s London 2023?

The expectations of our colleagues are high, because Quirk's London is a great opportunity to meet new partners.

  • Divakar Sharma: I expect to host a great show on behalf of DataDiggers. Talk to tech experts from different companies, learn about new technologies they’re working on, share about what we’re doing at DataDiggers, and aim to add new clients and partners to our list.

  • Madalina Mirigel: Quirk’s London is the next milestone on our list for this year, after MRMW APAC in Singapore and a valuable investment in our future as a market research company.

  • We will take the opportunity to meet with our esteemed clients and partners and create new contacts, but we also feel it is a major event that helps keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry and getting exposed to new tools and services.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: Well, I already see 2 very captivating reasons for this conference: market research and London. My expectations are quite high and I am very eager to join this year’s Quirk’s, as it remains one of the biggest events of our industry in Europe and the networking will be spot on, I feel it.

What news does DataDiggers bring to this conference?

Our solutions and technological changes in the industry are the main novelties that will be discussed by our colleagues during the two days of the conference.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: We bring not only a good mood, but also some interesting news about our services and how our booth will look like this year. Stay tuned for more news and be sure to drop by!

  • Divakar Sharma: Our company is gearing up for the technology change that the industry is already working towards. We’ve already bought 2 new technical advancements to our stable that enable us to connect with our clients more securely and eliminate any possibility of ID mismatch at the end of fieldwork. Apart from that, we’re also ready for direct API with new partners to create a solid line up of panel partners to serve our clients better and faster with far reaching panel capabilities in several markets.

  • Madalina Mirigel: We bring here our latest developments in terms of services and capabilities, such as the increased active panels in the key regions, our new Research team managing end to end projects and becoming a one stop solution for our clients, and some others. We won’t reveal all the juicy stuff at once and keep some for the event as well! 😊

What does attendance at this event mean for DataDiggers?

Participating in a new event in the market research industry means for our company the consolidation of the strong place we have in the industry.

  • Madalina Mirigel: For us this is a two-way opportunity: there is this chance of keeping up with the new tools and technologies in the industry, but also to update our current and potential clients about our own.

  • Divakar Sharma: Quirk’s is a well-recognized event in the MR industry, and I personally think it has gained a lot of popularity over the last 5 years or so. Every major player wants to have a stand at this event. DataDiggers has gained its place in the industry as one of the top panel provider companies with a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and proactive team of professionals, where companies are coming to us for tie-ups. DataDiggers missed out this event – no chance.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: It definitely means that we are part of the market research family, but also that we are growing every year. Nevertheless, it is always good to keep up with the industry’s latest trends and to also bring something ourselves, every year.

What impact will our familiarity with Quirk's have?

Quirk's London has become a habit for us, this year being present for the third time at this event.

  • Divakar Sharma: DataDiggers has been exhibiting at Quirk’s since pre-pandemic. A lot of clients and partners want to meet us at this event, talk about expansion of our partnership with them, increasing business, learn about our panels, technology capabilities etc. The fact that we exhibit at Quirk’s regularly shows our company’s continuous growth and vision for the future, that deepens our clients’ trust in our capabilities as a company to deliver on our word.

  • Alexandru Crăciun: We will be enjoying seeing old, familiar faces, but we will definitely be looking forward to meeting new potential clients and new industry partners.

  • Madalina Mirigel: Being part of Quirk’s London every year is the way we keep our clients and partners close, we make new connections and take the pulse of the industry right in the very center of market research.

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