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November Issue: Let's meet at ESOMAR Connect! 📊🎤

Meet DataDiggers at ESOMAR Connect!

Sponsoring and presenting new research.

Join our team at ESOMAR Connect! The 2023 theme for the event is “Macro-Consumer Trends in Romania”.

The conference takes place at Hotel Sheraton PLATINUM ROOM Bucharest, 5-7 Calea Dorobanti, on November 15!

This year, Iulian Sirbu, our Consumer & Market insights Manager will take the stage and decipher the Midlife Crisis Consumer Behaviour. Human vs. AI.

If we've piqued your curiosity...


Succeet23 was a great success!

We had the great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Germany, Wiesbaden and also to attend Succeet conference, where our Director, Sales & BD, Cristian Craciun gave a presentation based on our study Human and | or AI.

Explore the recap and other highlighted events by visiting our events page.


3 Studies, 3 Speakers, 1 Unforgettable Webinar

Join us for a journey through time as we explore the pivotal moments that shaped DataDiggers' success in the year 2023.

You'll gain insights into the perspectives of Singaporeans regarding sustainable food, delve into the intricate interplay between humans and AI in understanding complex human phenomena such as the midlife crisis, and explore the Romanian outlook on allergic conditions.

The webinar will take place at 4:30 p.m. on November 23, 2023, and is free of charge.

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