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November Issue: Free webinar by DataDiggers: THE AMAZING THREE 👩‍💻

Prepare for an exclusive glimpse  into our studies!

Join us on a journey that started in Singapore, took us through Germany, and now brings us to Romania. Take part in our exclusive webinar and explore three research studies that not only captivated a global audience but also left them in awe with their remarkable results.

Cristian Craciun explores the potential of generative models in deciphering complex human phenomena, like the enigmatic midlife crisis and its effect on consumption.  

Madalina Mirigel presents the intricate landscape of allergic conditions as experienced by urban Romanians. It comes as no shock that 42% of the population wrestles with these ailments, and in 30% of instances, medical methods have verified the diagnosis. 

Liviu Micu covers how the Singapore food scene is transforming for a better future. How much do we really know about genetically engineered organisms or vertical and rooftop farms?

Are you curious yet? Don't miss our webinar on November 23, 2023, at 4:30 pm where we will share valuable information. It's free to attend!


We're thrilled to have been part of

ESOMAR Connect 2023!

We had an amazing time at the conference, connecting with like-minded individuals who share our passion for digging deep into market insights. Our team was honored to present our latest research on the intriguing topic of Midlife Crisis – shedding light on trends and insights that matter. 

The camaraderie and passion we encountered were truly inspiring.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this experience unforgettable!


Embrace the spirit of giving with DataDiggers!

Our beloved Winter Holiday Campaign is back! Join us, as we come together to make a difference and bring warmth to the hearts of those less fortunate. 

This year, we will organize a Winter Celebrations party for the children from SOS Children's Village, and one of the activities will be the making of a movie, by the children, with the support of our colleagues from the Marketing team. 

Be part of the party! Choose the genre of the movie that the children from SOS Children's Village will create. 

Let's make this holiday season brighter together!


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