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MRMW APAC Singapore 2023 - Opening to new perspectives

After a challenging 2022 year, DataDiggers returns to a new event in the market research industry, this time in Singapore!

Our team will travel to Asia in a few days because we'll be in the spotlight at MRMW APAC 2023.

The event represents a great opportunity for our company, and the position of titular sponsors honors us. "We are absolutely honored to be title sponsors alongside many established companies and hope to connect with as many of you as possible!" says Neville Chan, our Senior Strategy & Growth Manager APAC. Paula Paslaru, our COO, underlines the strategic importance of this event for the company: "We are honored to see our names to such a strategic event and hopefully increase our brand awareness in this region."

On the occasion of this event, DataDiggers will launch a new study that will be presented by our colleague Alex Craciun. He is eager to meet the Singapore audience and sees this as an opportunity for our company to demonstrate its capabilities " We will be happy to prove that we are indeed a true team of professionals, being able to achieve multiple tasks!" The importance of presenting our new study to the MRMW APAC audience is also mentioned by Neville Chan: "It will be beneficial to share our capabilities and insights of global market trends driving consumer behavior that is relevant to our offerings. This will provide potential customers with a glimpse of our overall solutions.". At the same time, the presentation of the study helps potential clients to get to know us and form their first perceptions about the company "the potential clients will see the extent of our services, analyses, reports and presentation skills and the range of services we can offer" is the opinion of Paula Paslaru.

Alex Craciun, our colleague who will present the study, tells us a few words about the research "There are a plethora of fascinating subjects trending these days and sustainability in the food industry is definitely a huge one that will impact not only us, but future generations as well. ". It is the first time that DataDiggers is the title sponsor of a major event, such as MRMW APAC, and this obliges us to present a topic of maximum interest to the audience. Sustainable food is a topic that is discussed intensively today, Singapore being one of the countries for which sustainability is a way of life. We want our study to start some constructive discussions beneficial for the whole world and to be a point of support in the future for a more sustainable world.

What the DataDiggers team brings new?

First of all, we must note the business opportunity that the company has by being present at an event in an effervescent market such as the Asian market. In this new setting, our colleagues can talk about the full range of services and multiple targeting criteria for our panels, as well as the innovative ways to create, conduct and report study results, strategies and recommendations. We are eager to meet new potential business partners with whom we can establish strong relationships in a new framework such as the one at MRMW APAC.

Last but not least, our colleagues are happy to welcome business partners at the DataDiggers stand with smiles, a positive attitude and some traditional Romanian sweets, concludes Alex Craciun on a positive note.

Together we will write a new chapter in our story and we hope you will join us on April 18 and 19 in Singapore at MRMW APAC for the latest insights from the market research industry.

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