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March Issue: Celebrating 7️⃣ years of DataDiggers! 🎂

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We are celebrating 7 years of DataDiggers!

Thank you for your trust and support in our services! These seven years would not have been possible without you, our partners.

Our anniversary is an excellent opportunity to share our values and, as a result, the overall quality of everything we do.

Consider our invitation to a special webinar where we will talk about our anniversary study. The anniversary study was designed for our panel members, and we will provide you new information about surveys, rewards, and diverse opinions about the market research industry, so that we can all learn how to improve our ways of work.


Market research or photographing consumers?

As the title says, market research is about taking pictures of consumers or, to be more precise, taking snapshots of certain aspects of consumers’ lives – habits, beliefs, needs and stuff like that. Researchers are also applying various filters (such as market research knowledge and experience, methodologies, best practices etc.) on the reality.

In the end, everyone will enjoy a complete ‘photo’ and it will be remembered in years to come.


75 years of ESOMAR or 75 years of quality!

This year marks an important milestone in the market research industry as ESOMAR celebrates its 75th anniversary!

And we are delighted to be members of ESOMAR, as we share the same enthusiasm for high-quality insights!

We are bringing life to the market research community by working together!

Happy 75!


Are you ready for yet another article?

What’s the most interesting thing about you that it’s not put up in your resume?

I’d say that having knowledge from a lot of random domains. At the end of the day, who knows when you will need to know that Rwanda’s capital city is Kigali?


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