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IIEX Europe x DataDiggers – A perfect match!

For us, summer is the best time of year. Besides the longer days that allow us to do more research, we also love the opportunities that summer brings: attending trade shows in “exotic” locations.

Professionally, summer is the perfect time to take some days off or go on vacation. However, we believe that it is more valuable to make the most of the opportunities we have at hand than to go away and put our projects on hold for two months. However, this does not mean that we never take time off, it simply means that we like to travel together as a team and meet new partners and clients.

There's no doubt that IIEX Europe is one of the most exciting trade shows for professionals this summer. And although we enjoyed the trade show immensely, we also wandered around Amsterdam and enjoyed its beauty. What they say is true, the land of tulips is full of life and full of opportunities (you just have to look for them).

What we loved about Amsterdam

Let's begin with Amsterdam's tourist attractions, shall we? For our first day in Amsterdam, we decided to fully dive into the "touristic" activities and give the canal a try. Hence, we took a boat trip and enjoyed the colorful buildings and the noisy ducks.

Later on, we visited the Rembrandt Museum, which is housed in a former building in the "Jodenbreestraat" (the center of Amsterdam). Rembrandt van Rijn, a well-known Dutch painter, lived there between 1639 and 1658, and being able to admire every detail has been a privilege.

Among the famous sights in this city were the tulip fields, the hustle and bustle of the city.

Even so, we couldn't decide what we loved the most: the antique shops carrying traditional cheeses, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas (the city's primary Roman Catholic church), or the beauty of Dutch culture and how people live.

What we loved about IIEX

As we reflect on IIEX, the trade show of this summer, we could talk for hours. It wasn't until the second day of the fair that we realized that the event was quite different from what we had anticipated.

In comparison to other trade shows, the building of this exhibition was unique.

Choosing "Beurs van Berlage" to host such an event was such a bold and unconventional choice. The organizers took the old and elegant elements of the old stock exchange building and combined them with new and futuristic concepts to create a truly memorable experience.

Because we had such a huge space at our disposal, we weren't crowded during networking sessions, and we met and met a lot of people while still feeling comfortable. Besides, the coffee breaks and lunch dates definitely made every day a little less formal for us and much more fun!

While the event was more focused on the technological MR side (not so much CAWI orientated), it was nice to see different people and companies. We have met with many of our "old" clients/partners, as well as new "end clients", such as Bolt or Booking. Meeting new people and making connections was probably the best part of the whole event.

Our partners' booth designs definitely inspired us, whether they were colorful, minimalist, formal or casual. There is probably nothing more exciting than witnessing the industry transform second-by-second and day-by-day at a trade show.

One of the nights has been highlighted by a live band that transformed the hall into a bistro/lounge bar where we could relax and reflect on our day, or plan the next one. It also meant more networking and mingling with everyone! From instant pictures, to professional high-end fashionable drawings, the entertainment was organized on point by IIEX.

Furthermore, the event's atmosphere was easy-going and pleasant, with a blend of formal presentations and networking activities.

It was interesting to see that most presentations focused on important and current issues, such as: climate change, ecology, recycling, inclusion, and diversity. We have been able to "collect" plenty of "insights" through each of these.

Ultimately, the closing party was different from anything else we have attended. It was quiet, elegant, and just right for the event's last night.

What we learned from IIEX

Taking part in research events does allow us to create a fresh vision for our brand.

A key take-away from IIEX is that in order to succeed you have to speak the same language and have the same vision as your audience. As a result, a formal attitude might not always be your best card and you may have to speak like a friend, give away infographics or materials that are not monotonous or look all the same, and bring your most casual and easy-going speakers to these kinds of gatherings.

A lot of our "colleagues" in the industry used promotional materials that didn't meet the "standard" formal attire, such as caps, medals, coffee glasses, etc, which inspired us to try new things in the future.

There is no doubt that the hot trend of the moment is to be human to your audience.

Long story short: We'll definitely be back next year! Plus, we hope to attend more events focused on "innovation & trends" in market research.


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