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Getting to know DataDiggers - Alexandru Craciun (Sales Coordinator EMEA)

You did not think that the series of interviews was over, did you? Because we meet again, with yet another important person in our team!

Therefore, we think that it's time to meet Alexandru Craciun, Sales Coordinator EMEA! Let's see who's the person behind the job and what are his views about life.

What does working in the market research industry mean to you?

The most important aspect for me in the market research industry is the fact that you need good general knowledge to work successfully in this field, while you are also connected with the surrounding reality at the same time. How cool is that?

From whom in the market research industry have you learned most in your career?

Every colleague or person that I have worked within this industry has taught me something valuable, but I have to highlight that I have always been inspired by one former teacher back from my college period who has taught me 2 important lessons: a sense of humour and hard work – crucial in the market research industry, if you ask me.

If you were able to bring someone in our DataDiggers team, who would that person be and why do you think they'd be great for our company?

It could come as a surprise, but I would definitely bring John Oliver to the team. His humour and also capacity to analyse situations would be a great asset to have on any team!

What was the most important challenge you had to go through in your career?

There are challenges each and every day. I don’t ever measure the difficulty of the challenge, but rather treat it separately and try to do my best to get to the bottom of it. So at the end of the day – bring it on!

Thinking about your career, what is the achievement you are most proud of?

Since I have been working in this industry for some years now, I can say that I improved a lot in this period, both from a knowledge perspective and personal traits. Working in this industry has cut on many of my insecurities and allowed me to become a better version of myself.

Why did you choose to work in the market research industry?

I think that a good part of the positive things that happen in one’s life also requires a degree of luck – and so was the case on my side as well. Simply applying to my first job within this industry by accident turned out to be a great career starter and a beautiful story.

What are you planning to do on your next vacation?

As 2020 was a drawback from many points of view, my vacation plans for this year involve a motorbike, after I will get my driver’s licence. I would love a tour around different cities of Romania to experience the best of what our country can offer.

What is making you get up from bed even when you have a bad day?

The best motivation for me is that a new day means a new chance. A new chance to

achieve some bigger goals I have and a new

opportunity to interact with those around me.

What are your dearest memories, some that you always think of with joy?

The best memory that I can recall on the spot is definitely one trip I recently took around the country with a group of friends. We have experienced everything from bike riding, hitch-hiking, sightseeing and discovering random villages which proved to have a lot to offer in terms of history and culinary experience.

What’s your favorite book and why?

As reading is one of my biggest passions, it’s really hard to select just one book, but I would go for J. D. Salinger’s - “The Catcher in the Rye”. At the time of reading it in my teenage years, it was a mind-blowing experience as I have identified myself with the main character from the book.


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