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DataDiggers X Quirk's New York - Living the American Dream! 🗽 🇺🇸

We are delighted to announce our upcoming participation in the Quirk's conference, marking our return to this exceptional event.

This time, we are thrilled to share that our departure will take place in no other place than New York, further enhancing the significance of this occasion.

We discussed with two of our colleagues who will fly to New York: Cristian Craciun (Manager, Business Process) and Zamfir Dunose (Growth and Partnerships Manager Americas) about their thoughts and expectations before the conference.

What thoughts and expectations do you have before Quirk’s New York 2023?

Cristian Craciun: Quirk's New York 2023 is expected to be a valuable and insightful event for market researchers, data analysts, and marketing professionals. It will for sure provide opportunities to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry, network with industry experts, and gain new perspectives on market research methodologies and strategies.

I can expect a variety of informative sessions, panel discussions, and workshops that will help us stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of market research.

Zamfir Dunose: Quirk's New York will provide insights into the competitive landscape and help us refine our market position.

I'm anticipating valuable connections with clients, experts, and peers, and I'm also excited to showcase our offerings and engage with potential clients. I expect to stay updated with the latest trends, methodologies, and innovations in market research.

Overall, I believe Quirk's New York 2023 will be an engaging and fruitful event, providing ample opportunities for professional and personal growth, networking, learning, and staying at the forefront of the dynamic market research industry.

What news does DataDiggers bring to this conference?

Zamfir Dunose: We employ innovative methods like mobile research and online communities to gather real-time insights from diverse respondents. Our advanced AI algorithms swiftly analyze data, uncovering hidden patterns and providing meaningful insights.

With our extensive panel network, we offer high-quality respondents across demographics and geographies. Our research services are customizable, covering study design, data analysis, and more. We prioritize data security and compliance, adhering to GDPR and CCPA regulations for utmost confidentiality and trust.

Cristian Craciun: DataDiggers is delighted to bring the news of advanced data analytics and cutting-edge

technologies in market research to the conference. We will showcase our expertise in data collection, data processing and much more, helping businesses gain valuable insights from large and complex datasets.

Furthermore, we will inform attendees about emerging trends in the industry, such as the integration of different analytics and the use of predictive modeling for more accurate market forecasting.

This year, DataDiggers participates for the first time at an event taking place in USA. What impact do you think this event will have on the evolution of our company?

Zamfir Dunose: Participating in a market research event in the USA for the first time holds great potential for the evolution of DataDiggers. It enhances our brand visibility, showcasing our capabilities to potential clients and industry experts. It helps us expand our networks, forge valuable relationships, and create collaborative opportunities. We stay up-to-date with market trends and gain insights from thought leaders.

By showcasing our unique value proposition, we differentiate ourselves from competitors and attract clients seeking innovative solutions. The event also promotes continuous learning and professional development, strengthening our expertise and fostering innovation within our organization.

Cristian Craciun: While we are already working with numerous clients from the region, I'm sure that this is going to be a great opportunity for us to increase the brand visibility, showcase DataDiggers to a new audience, potentially increasing brand awareness internationally, network expansion which allows us to connect with other industry professionals, potential clients, and partners in the USA.

Being at the event provides an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the US market, including customer preferences, emerging trends, and industry developments.

This knowledge can shape DataDiggers' future strategies and offerings.

In 2023, DataDiggers participates in market research events around the world. How is the strategic transition from one event to another? Are you interested in reaching specific strategic points at each event?

Zamfir Dunose: In 2023, DataDiggers actively participates in market research events worldwide, carefully planning each transition to maximize impact and achieve specific strategic goals. We purposefully select relevant events with our target market in mind, connecting with potential clients, industry leaders, and decision-makers. By setting clear goals and tailoring our approach, we create opportunities for collaboration, business development, and growth. Our strategic planning, engaging messaging, and effective follow-up ensure success in the global market research landscape.

Cristian Craciun: All fairs are different in one way or another! It all depends on the end consumer, its behavior, mentality and vision make each international fair completely different, from one continent to another!

DataDiggers has to constantly adapt, perform and innovate, only through these client's expectations are fulfilled! There are several strategic points to be reached at the event, but let's keep the mystery about them till then!

What differentiates the US market research market from other international markets?

Zamfir Dunose: The US market research market is notable for being large, mature, and technologically advanced, offering ample opportunities due to its vast consumer base and developed business landscape. Compliance with data privacy regulations is crucial for maintaining

consumer trust, and strategies must be tailored to capture insights from diverse demographic groups.

Collaboration among research firms drives innovation, while specialization in different industry verticals is encouraged. Understanding these unique characteristics is vital for success in the dynamic and competitive US market.

Cristian Craciun: When it comes to the US, we can for sure say that it represents the largest market research consumer! No doubt about that! The US market represents the area from where the

“exact time” is given in terms of Market Research trends, news and innovations!

What impact does the global economic situation have on the industry?

Zamfir Dunose: In economic downturns, organizations tighten budgets, impacting market research spending. Research firms must demonstrate ROI and adapt to evolving demands. Economic fluctuations prompt market expansion considerations, driving the need for innovation. Market research plays a vital role in guiding strategic decisions and identifying growth opportunities amid economic challenges.

Cristian Craciun: I truly believe that the current global economic situation has a big impact on all industries without exceptions! From budget constraints, where businesses tend to reduce the demand for

market research services, as companies look to streamline their spending to shifting their priorities, in challenging economic conditions, businesses may reconsider their market research needs and reallocate resources based on changing priorities.

For example, they may focus on cost-cutting rather than market expansion or product innovation. This shift in priorities can impact the types of research studies companies commission.

How can you turn the 'American Dream' into a reality within your industry?

Zamfir Dunose: Achieving the 'American Dream' in market research demands strategic actions and dedication to personal and professional growth. Set specific SMART goals, invest in continuous learning, and stay updated on industry trends. Build a strong network, embrace innovation, and enhance communication skills. Pursue leadership opportunities and maintain a strong work ethic for success in the competitive market research landscape.

By combining these strategies, you can turn your dreams into reality and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Cristian Craciun: I believe the American dream is already a reality for us but also for other Market Research agencies from all over the world. And it was not something easy to achieve, that's for sure!

All of this was possible through knowledge and skills that we acquired, clear goals, hard work and perseverance!

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