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DataDiggers Excited to Join MRMW APAC 2023 in Singapore

This spring, DataDiggers will be the title sponsor at one of the biggest events in the market research industry, MRMW APAC, which will take place in Singapore. Our presence at this event is a premiere for our team, because we are participating for the first time in an event taking place in Asia.

We discussed with Paula Paslaru (Chief Operating Officer), Cristian Craciun (Sales and Business Development Director), Neville Chan (Senior Strategy & Growth Manager APAC) and Alexandru Craciun (Growth & Partnership Manager EMEA) about their thoughts before this event.

They talked to us about their thoughts and expectations before the conference, the latest trends in the market research industry, but also about their visit to Singapore.

You can meet with Paula, Cristian, Neville and Alex on April 18-19 at MRMW APAC! It will be incredible!

What thoughts and expectations do you have before MRMW APAC 2023?

This event is a novelty for DataDiggers and our colleagues are excited before leaving for Asia. Their expectations are high, and they want to establish new partnerships for our company.

Paula Paslaru: Well, being a completely new experience for us in the region, we hope to establish new business partnerships and create sustainable long-term growth.

Alex Crăciun: The MRMW APAC 2023 will definitely be a milestone, both from a personal perspective, as well as for Data Diggers: a new region, new potential partners and friends, new chances of achieving goals. While the expectations are quite high, no matter the outcome, it will definitely be learning experience for everybody involved.

Neville Chan: I am delighted for the opportunity to represent DataDiggers foray into Asia Pacific, and excited to offer our data-driven consumer panel solutions to help companies monitor market trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Cristian Crăciun: Since it is our first time attending a MR fair in the APAC region we are eager to meet new potential clients as well as current clients, to observe needs and find sustainable solutions for such a special and intriguing market. It will definitely be something new and remarkable for us!

This year, DataDiggers participates for the first time at an event taking place in Asia. What impact do you think this event will have on the evolution of our company?

Attending an event that takes place in Asia represent for our team a source of pride and a new opportunity to build business relationships and develop our company. Also, our colleagues believe that it will create a positive impact that will ensure solid strategic partnerships.

Neville Chan: I have high hopes that DataDiggers will create a positive impact at this event since many of the attendees are from leading companies within the market research industry and will help to boost our profile even further.

Paula Paslaru: We will hopefully create new opportunities to present and service our clients in APAC region and establish strategic partnerships with key players in the Asian markets.

Cristian Crăciun: For sure it is going to be a completely new experience, we will take the chance of meeting people from the industry as well as already existing contacts from our network.

We are eager to share our services and solutions with everyone in the industry and beyond in order to create a stronger and more stable industry together as a mutual strong partnership.

Alex Crăciun: It is exciting in getting to know different people and, at the end of the day, getting in touch with various other cultures that are geographically far away from our country, Romania. This will be a good chance of making ourselves known to new clients and, why not, new friends.

What are your predictions for the next period in the market research industry?

Our colleagues anticipate that the market research industry is currently going through changes, like everyone else. They talk about the impact of technology on our industry and the use of artificial intelligence as a future tool. They also state that DataDiggers is currently aligning itself with new trends, bringing constant improvements in terms of panels or technologies.

Cristian Crăciun: The predictions are simple and already visible across the entire industry, I am speaking here about the automatization of the processes which is the future, we have to admit it! We are putting efforts to go in sync with the new trends on the market, to bring improvements and why not become game changers in this direction.

Alex Crăciun: Technology will have a big impact not only in our everyday lives, but also in the market research industry overall. We will have to adapt by learning new skills and getting accustomed to the benefits brought by the AI.

Neville Chan: With the emerging adoption of AI-powered digital solutions such as ChatGPT, it is essential for the market research industry to evolve more quickly than ever to stay relevant by creating more strategic partnerships and continuous product development.

Paula Paslaru: The industry will continue to grow steadily and will also incorporate mid-size and smaller companies that will discover the necessity of running market research studies, which will help improve and grow their respective businesses.

What are you looking forward to - considering how amazing Singapore is?

Our colleagues from Romania are eager to arrive for the first time in Singapore, a region with a rich culture that will offer them a unique and unforgettable experience. They expect to admire the famous buildings and discover the local gastronomy.

Alex Crăciun: Singapore is a must see destination for everybody – from the beauty of the skyscrapers, from the local food, everything looks just right to make it an unforgettable experience.

Paula Paslaru: We hope to discover at least some parts of this amazing country we have heard so much about, to taste your diverse cuisine, see the lovely places we have only seen in pictures until now and see a glimpse of your culture and civilization and bring some useful and interesting ideas back home😊

Cristian Crăciun: We are looking forward to understand the specifics of the region, to learn the history and its particularities to meet new people and of course, to visit as many objectives as possible! Singapore is an unread book for us, we are excited to go through each chapter!

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