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Brand Minds - The future needs a global vision

A project that started 8 years ago is now the most anticipated business and personal development summit in Central and Eastern Europe. Brand Minds continues its mission to inspire people for a better world.

For a better world we need, first of all, answers, many answers. The answers to the questions never come on the tray, but appear, rather, when you decide to take 10 steps back, look at the picture as a whole and accept that you still have a lot to learn.

Today, the difference between profitable businesses and those that go a hundred times to sell something is the understanding that you have to sell differently than you did before, changing the structure. The world is changing, people are changing, sales are changing, everything is changing! The reality today is that each of us sells something, one way or another, whether it is a service, a product or an image. It is necessary to show more humanity and empathy in communication that aims to determine a consumer behavior. The new sales baseline requires tuning, disposition and clarity.

Let's examine how many of the people we know have a clear self-image based on the 10 steps we talked about earlier. Many of us don't even realize the harm we can do when we worry about whether we are good enough, whether we are fulfilling our professional and family roles well enough, and whether we can do more. The pressure of modern life, along with the false sense of normalcy, play a huge role in the struggle to keep mental and physical balance in our lives.

Our concern for the future brings to mind many perspectives with which to shape our thoughts, but the strengths of those who will survive and even manage to inspire are experimentation and speculative thinking. To discover what is right and wrong in our businesses, we need to take risks, make mistakes, and experiment. It's only about being open and trying, even if sometimes we lose. Everything we reject can sometimes be used to our advantage.

The future belongs to those with a global vision, as a whole, who are adaptable and flexible, both in their work environment, and especially in their personal development. Self-sufficiency has never been fashionable, but now more than ever it is a cornerstone for anyone who wants to at least keep up, not to mention set the tone and set the pace.

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