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About omnibus surveys

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The topic we will discuss today is closely related to what we do and implicitly offer at DataDiggers. Data collection our core business and what we are best at. We work with both quantitative and qualitative research.

In this article we will talk about omnibus surveys, part of the quantitative research process. To see all the other services we offer, we invite you to take a look at our website, where you will find a multitude of options, depending on your business and needs.

What is an omnibus survey?

The Omnibus survey is a quantitative market research method in which information on an array of subjects is collected on the same questionnaire and used by several clients who effectively share the cost of doing research by distributing the cost of the survey. It is also often referred to as 'Piggyback' surveys.

Omnibus surveys can also be used to target more diverse populations, such as men or women, certain age ranges, school levels or income classes, or even people that engage in certain behaviors. The answers to these questions are analyzed shortly afterwards, cross-referenced with some or all of the classification data, and delivered to the client either as tables or in a report.

In other words, Omnibus surveys provide a cost-effective way to collect useful, confidential knowledge about people of nearly every nation in the world.

What is the process to run an omnibus survey?

Realistically speaking, the process to run such a survey is not so complicated. We will try to illustrate it below in 10 steps.

Step 1: Proposal

Step 2: Kickoff meeting

Step 3: Survey design

Step 4: Programming

Step 5: Choosing demographics

Step 6: Testing

Step 7: Partial-launch

Step 8: Full-launch

Step 9: Online portal

Step 10: Wrap-up

Who is the audience for an omnibus survey?

Generally, all omnibus surveys are conducted as general population surveys of adult users (18 +). The general population means that everyone is eligible and there are no screening conditions. If you're just looking for input from a limited audience, the results can be segmented as such.

In a personalized online survey, you have the opportunity to maximize the sample for your audience of choice. Use the filtering questions to ensure that the only respondents who respond to your survey are those who follow your requirements. However, higher prices are typically drawbacks when it comes to precise targeting of the respondent.

What are the advantages of running an omnibus survey?

1. Cost

Omnibus studies bring multiple clients together with surveys and polling data that overlap with multiple uses, and distribute the expense of your market research through multiple clients. The result: high quality data and research that is much more accessible than other, dedicated research strategies and packages.

2. Time

Omnibus studies are fast. This is because omnibus studies are part of the continuing data collection of the research group. So, rather than setting up an individual study and adopting a research strategy, buying an omnibus study allows you nearly instant access to relevant research.

3. Data variation

Since omnibus studies are a continuous, shared cost method of research, the data obtained is always varied and therefore more detailed and reliable. Rather than focusing on only one method of data collection, whether it's phone, email, or focus groups, omnibus surveys also use different methods of data collection to attract more participants.

Omnibus surveys are most often used for market research, brand awareness or public opinion polls. They can be done using CAPI, CATI or CAWI technique.

At DataDiggers, we run online omnibus surveys with participants from a variety of countries. Do you need to save on the costs? Share the sampling and screening costs with our other partners and join our omnibus clients list. We're surveying a wide variety of subjects inside one single interview to offer you the best prices and data on the market.

If you want to contact us and find out more about online omnibus surveys, please send a quote at


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