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The DataDiggers Universe - Mihai Elena-Valentina (Copywriter & Social Media Associate)

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

What did you want to become when you were little? How did this desire come about? Do you still dream of becoming this?

To be honest, I never wanted to grow up. I didn't like how adulthood made my parents and the other grownups feel. I really enjoyed my childhood, because I knew that I can be anything I want as long as I keep dreaming. 👧🏻🌌

What is the most beautiful place you have traveled to?

I like Brasov a lot, it's a nice city, but I haven't travel that much to say for sure that this is my favorite place.

The places I've seen left me stunned, and made me dream about them, building my little world, in my imagination, from pieces of memories. 🗺️👽

If you could have a talent, what would it be? But what talent do you have?

I would love to know how to play the flute, violin and cello. 🎻 I adore music! My talent is that I’m a pretty good dancer and writer. I enjoy dancing with my roller-skates at night, when nobody is watching, with music blasting in my ears. It makes me feel, somehow, alive. 💃🏻🛼

What is it that annoys you the most? What is the reason why it annoys you and how do you manage to calm down?

When people judge others for how they have fun or their financial status, choice of clothing etc. And also, the people that harms animals, especially insects that does not bother them. I calm down by talking with someone about my anger or by listening to music. 😠😤

Who inspires you? How does this help you in your daily life? What do you think you inspire others?

The philosopher Alan Watts, for sure! He was a mastermind, a true visioner, and a man who truly understood the game of life, explaining it’s simplicity and complexity, as Ying and Yang. It helped me look inward and see the beauty of life. I cannot tell you how I inspire others, only they can say. 🧘🏻‍♀️🧠

If you could have dinner with anyone in this world, who would that person be? What would you like to know from this person?

Definitely Aurora! She is the sweetest human being on Earth. I would like to learn how to love everything and anyone from her. She is a wonderer and a dreamer with an angelic voice, and she's also very funny. 🥰

What is your strangest habit? What do others say about this habit?

I have many strange habits 😂. Truth is, only others find them strange. For example I love to watch tadpoles swim and snails crawl on trees. 🐌 Nature itself is absolutely fascinating! 🌳

I like to observe people and draw or write or even mimic their lovely little

unconscious actions (the way they sip their coffee, smoke, laugh uncontrollably, run from the rain, etc.). I also enjoy spending my time just staring at things, speaking with unalive objects around the house, staring at my own reflection and talking with myself in the mirror and to recite poems. 🪞

What are the first three words you would describe yourself with? With which of these words do you think your friends would describe you?

I would say funny, crazy and kind. I don't know, you have to ask them. 😝

What do you think is the first thing people notice about you and what do you think they think about you?

I guess my childish nature and my crazy side, the fact that I'm doing and saying exactly what I think and what I feel (without being rude or hurting anyone, obviously). I don't really care what others think about my personality, I love myself enough to let me be who I want to be. My character is mine, and it's unique. 😊

What is the principle that you never deviate from? How do you react when people do not respect this principle?

Have empathy towards people and respect them! I speak up when someone is crossing my and other people's boundaries. Everybody is dealing with hardships in their life, that we may not know about. I hate when someone is taking advantage of other's politeness or even worse, manipulating them. 😡

What makes you happy? How does this contribute to your well-being?

I adore the feeling of nostalgia (dusty aged objects, staring at old architecture, vibing to vintage music or watching childhood cartoons, etc.) and also spending time in nature. I like to see people happy, it makes me happy. ⏳🤗

In the end we would like you to recommend us a book, a movie, a podcast and a holiday destination.

You will love the cartoon "Soul" and also the movie "Benny & Joon"! Those are, in my opinion, cinematic masterpieces! 🎞️🍿


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