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The Data Diggers Universe - Florian Ivanica (Copywriter & Social Media Associate)

What are the first three words you would describe yourself with? With which of these words do you think your friends would describe you?

Sociable, funny and empathetic. I think my friends would say the same.

What makes you happy? How does this contribute to your well-being?

Time spent with loved ones, family and friends. The feeling of being useful also makes me very happy, I like to be useful to those around me. Last but not least, the time I spend with myself makes me extremely happy. I discover myself every day.

How did you end up getting your childhood nickname, who gave it to you, and what were your feelings towards it? And since we're at it, can you share it with us?

Hmm, my schoolmates always called me by the nickname "Ivan". It comes from my last name, a kind of abbreviation.

What taste or smell reminds you of childhood? Do you still encounter this taste or smell today and where?

There are quite a few tastes that remind me of my childhood. All the dishes that the family used to cook around the winter holidays. And not to forget, rice with milk and jam. Absolutely delicious.

What did you want to become when you were little? How did this desire come about? Do you still dream of becoming this?

I liked football since I was little. It's my passion. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly the most talented boy, so I've always wanted to become a sports journalist or sports commentator.

What is the most beautiful place you have traveled to?

I think Malta is the most beautiful destination so far. The beach, old towns, everything you could want to laze around for a whole day.

If you were to live the rest of your life on a desert island, what would be the three things you would take with you? What do these things symbolize for you? How would these things help you?

I would take with me a diary in which to write down my daily thoughts, some books and a soccer ball. I told you that I love football.

If you could have a talent, what would it be? But what talent do you have?

I would have liked to play the guitar.

What is it that annoys you the most? What is the reason why it annoys you and how do you manage to calm down?

Definitely injustice. I try to be fair to those around

me every time and when I notice that a person is not fair to me or to those around me, it spoil my mood.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to be more hardworking and demanding.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever done after a drunkenness?

Who still remembers? :))

Who inspires you? How does this help you in your daily life? What do you think you inspire others?

First of all, my parents with the love they give each other every day. Then the people who got up through work.

If you could have dinner with anyone in this world, who would that person be? What would you like to know from this person?

Gheorghe Hagi. We would probably talk all evening about football.

If you ruled the world for a day, what would be the first thing you would do?

Don't start a day without hugging your loved ones.

What would you like people to say about you at your death?

That I left many good things behind me. And then laugh and smile.

If you were to invest in something, what would you invest all your money in? What would you like to know from this person?

Definitely in me. I would invest in many courses.

What is the best dish for you when you cook?

Any type of pasta. I invite you to the table.

If you were your boss for a day, what would you do?

Party all day.

What do you think is the first thing people notice about you and what do you think they think about you?

That I am a sociable and positive person.

What is your guilty pleasure and how does it make you feel?

Hmm, I think the coffee. I like to enjoy it. And let's not forget the many laugh breaks.


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