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December Issue: Run a study, give a gift! 🎁🎄

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

With the holiday season approaching, we must also remember to share our love with those around us. During this year's holiday campaign, we're making it easy for you to brighten a kid's Christmas!

For every study you run with us, we’ll donate a gift towards CONCORDIA's Humanitarian Association!

As part of its humanitarian mission, CONCORDIA Humanitarian Association makes sure every child in need can stay in school until they graduate. 98 percent of the children in CONCORDIA daycare centers finish the school cycle, but there is still a long way to go. By supporting our cause, we will ensure that no child will be left behind. Are you ready to be Santa this year? Our team will coordinate everything else, from receiving the children's letters to purchasing and delivering the gift to the institute!

Are you ready to be Santa this year? Our team will coordinate everything else, from receiving the children's letters to purchasing and delivering the gift to the institute!

Happy holidays from DataDiggers and a prosperous new year to all!

The holiday season is a time to remember!

We love the holiday season here at DataDiggers! Between running studies and meetings, decorating our offices and having holiday parties, we get more time to spend together.

And the truth is... during such times, you realize how much there’s to know about your teammates!

In light of that, we have proposed a new challenge for our team called "Childhood Memories" where our colleagues share with us a photo from when they were very young, and then we ask our social media followers to guess who's in the picture.

Our second series launched this week, so check it out too!

After-Events conclusions by Liviu Micu

Liviu Micu, our Senior Researcher has been featured on our blog with a new article about the experience of Best of ESOMAR Romania and Succeet22, where he had the chance to meet two different types of audiences.

"The industry is changing. Slowly, gradually, but is changing, like anything else. Technology will continue to alter the landscape, as it always did!" says Liviu.


"I cannot show you proof; I have no research data to back me up, but I had an overwhelming feeling people were just happy to be together, trying to catch up after 2 years of pandemic resulting in cancelled, virtual-only or toned-down events. Everybody looked busy to reconnect with old acquaintances, make new ones and in general enjoying each other’s company.”

The MyVoice Survey World Cup or…

how we grow our panel organically!

As the year comes to a close, we reflect on how much our company has grown and how much our panels have evolved. Marketing-wise, the grown is more important than anything else, since it is all organic, with no sparkles or gimmicks.

We have organized a very fun campaign called "The MyVoice Survey World Cup" between November 20 - December 18 on in order to keep our panel members engaged. During the campaign, every panel member had a chance to win one of 22 prizes!

The competition started with 8 groups of four countries each, with the top two countries qualifying for the knockout round, making it all the more entertaining!

We deeply care about our partners, clients, and panel members and would like to thank you for taking an interest in our solutions, services, and surveys!

Happy Workversary Petru and Elena!

Join us in congratulating our colleagues, Petru Curosu (3rd workversary) and Elena Dumitrescu (7th workversary) for their development and progression at DataDiggers!

Petru has worked as a Sales Team Leader EMEA since 12th December 2019 and his sales skills helped us grow the business.

Meanwhile, Elena has been part of our team since 15th December 2015, working as Director Finance and her analytical and perspective thinking contribute greatly to our success! We have been with her since the beginning!

Thank you, dear colleagues! Happy workversaries! Here's to many more workversaries together!

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