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May Issue: What an emotional and memorable rollercoaster! 🎢

Quirk's London -

What an experience!

The event and Coronation Ceremony have ended, but two things remain constant: London's rainy weather and the ongoing need for market research projects.

Quirk's London provided a valuable platform to connect with familiar and new faces, offering insights into the dynamic market research industry.

Discover our colleagues' interview, where they share their post-event impressions, reflections on returning to London, and what lies ahead for DataDiggers!


Summer comes with the American dream!

Exciting news for DataDiggers this summer! We are thrilled to participate in our first-ever event in the United States, Quirk's New York! It's a chance for us to connect with our overseas partners, whom we've only interacted with online until now.

Moreover, we're eager to meet potential new partners as the North American market is a thriving research industry. This premier annual conference showcases case studies from over 20 industries and offers opportunities to network with industry professionals and end clients.

Get ready for an incredible experience as we make our mark in the business world!

Join us at Javits Center – Hall 1E (429 11th Avenue, 10001) for an unforgettable time.


Unleash your creativity and

conquer the world sustainably!

Surround yourself with people who have the same ideals as yours, who encourage you to develop your creativity and with whom you can conquer the world even with just a cardboard box.

Our colleague from the marketing team, Dan Deaconescu and Florian Ivanica, pleasantly surprised us with their innovative project.

They skillfully assembled and colored hundreds of cardboard boxes, forming our company's logo in a creative and sustainable manner.


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