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Getting to know DataDiggers - Luana Muși (Content Writer & Social Media Associate)

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Whenever another DataDiggers' post pops up on this platform, it's because our Social Media Associate is sharing fresh insights with you. And that person is Luana, our Content Writer.

If you care to learn more about her, like her favourite childhood memory or her passions, carry on reading this interview! 😀

What does working in the market research industry mean to you?

Working in the market research industry has opened a new door for me. I’ve always considered myself the kind of person that learns every day, but now I realize that the “continuously learning process” has just begun. I now can see how things work and how everything is influenced by our actions.

If you were able to bring someone in our DataDiggers team, who would that person be and why do you think they'd be great for our company?

That’s a tough one! I guess I would bring, hmm… Steve Jobs. Sadly, that’s not possible anymore. I would bring him because he is the mastermind of Apple, of course. Now, I’m not a fan of Apple, I use a Samsung.

But I truly believe that we may all learn from his accomplishments. I mean, Apple has one of the best marketing approaches. I can’t put my finger on what they are doing differently, but something makes people sleep in front of stores at every new device release and that’s beautiful! 😂

What was the most important challenge you had to go through in your career?

The most important challenge was the one that I had with myself. I’ve done my bachelor's degree in Law, now being enrolled in a Business Law Postgraduate Program.

But something inside told me that it is not the path that I want to follow right now. My Erasmus Program taught me that change is good, so I had to… challenge myself and see it with my own eyes. Therefore, I changed my “career”, from a Legal Adviser and Legal Writer to a Copywriter and a Social Media Coordinator (being a Legal Writer for almost 2 years before).

I guess I won!

Thinking about your career, what is the achievement you are most proud of?

My biggest achievement is that I am falling in love more and more with my career. People always used to tell me that Mondays’ are the worst days and I always used to say “Well, that’s because you don’t like your job!”. I do believe that’s true. So my biggest achievement is finding what I’m passionate about and doing that every day.

What does success mean to you?

Success means doing what you're passionate about while living the life that you always imagined you would live. Remember when we were little, and we thought “I want my life to be like that!”. That’s success. Doing what your family, friends, teachers tell you to do and not listening to your heart is quite the opposite of that.

What do you do to move forward in the profession you have chosen?

I try my best every day. And when I’m stuck and don’t know how to manage something, I learn.

How would you describe the market research industry in Romania?

I think it’s still under development. The market research industry has been around for quite some time, but I feel like now has come that time when people notice it. I remember taking surveys about 5-6 years ago, while people were still in the dark about it.

Is there something new that you have learned in the last 2-3 years, in your career, or in your daily life, which you find is important?

Live, learn, work, repeat. And choose one hour per day to do something that you enjoy. At the end of the year, you’ll see great progress.

If you were able to meet yourself, at the moment when you first got hired, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I’ve never been fired, but I’ve been rejected at a job interview once. My trust in myself was broken back then, but I wish I knew that “Even the worst days have an end!” and “Tomorrow is another chance to do things differently!”.

Why did you choose to work in the market research industry?

Being a Copywriter/Content Writer and a Social Media Associate has been on my mind for quite some time. I used to be a Legal Writer before and… I kind of wanted a change. And I don’t regret it!

What advice would you give to someone starting in the market research industry?

If you’re a beginner: explore as much as you can, ask questions (even if you feel like you shouldn’t); be curious, ask to help others, ask to join projects, be present, ALWAYS speak your mind (even if you think that your ideas might be stupid).

What was your ‘dream career’ when you were little?

When I was little and even during my university years, I wanted to be a prosecutor. I’ve always been an avid lover of crime tv-shows, and I’ve always imagined myself being there, in the middle of things, searching for that one evidence form that will save the case.

What do you think is the most important thing in life?

Finding that one place that you call “Home”. Because home is not a place, but a feeling. Having a healthy family, healthy parents. Being healthy and ready to conquer the world. Having that somebody that loves you even on your worst days. The simple things, I bet you know them. 😀

What are you planning to do in your next vacation?

My next vacation will be in Greece for sure. I miss my Erasmus friends, my university, my friends that I’ve made in Athens. So I have to visit Athens ASAP and relive all those moments. That’s my biggest wish… And I’ve had it on my mind since I came back to Romania, in 2019.

What is making you get up from bed even when you have a bad day?

When I feel down, or when I’m not in the mood for anything, I think about those people who’d wish to have my ‘problems’, to live my life. And then I remember how lucky I am and how I shouldn’t take this day for granted.

Can you name one hobby that you really enjoy?

I do have a couple of hobbies, to be honest. My favourite ones will always be painting and drawing (I just can’t stop). But also writing and reading are the ones that I practice every single day. And then… perhaps, taking pictures of everything, riding my bike for hours.

What’s your favourite book and why?

When I was little, my dad gave me his own “Dracula” by Bram Stoker print.

It is a vintage one. It will always be my favourite book, not only because it is from him, but also because I am in love with vampires and every story that includes them. And Dracula is such a masterpiece.


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