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DD Relay - A Social Media Q&A Game With DataDiggers' Team

Four months and a half ago, we started a social media game in which colleagues from DataDiggers exchanged questions and gave responses to one another. They were all excited to take part in this game and each one of them "ran fast to pass the baton", filled with curiosity about their fellow workers' preferences, dreams or stories.

The rules were simple:

👉 A colleague asked another fellow coworker a friendly and personal question;

👉 The chosen colleague gave a response and then passed the question to another colleague;

👉 The cycle continued, revealing our teammates' personality traits along the way.

This relay game not only enhanced the camaraderie within our team but also provided a distinctive chance for our social media followers to gain a deeper understanding of who we are.

It all started with our Copywriter & Social Media Associate, Elena Mihai, who asked our Web/Graphic Designer, Miruna Puscasu.

Elena: What is your favorite animal, Miruna?

Miruna: I pretty much like all the animals, but I have a soft spot for cats and dogs. I hope in the near future I will have the time and the means to adopt a puppy, preferably a Golden Retriever as they are very cuddly, playful and cute. 🐕🦴

Then Miruna picked our Digital Panel Management Associate, Alex Timbus.

Miruna: What would you like to be if you could be anything?

Alex: I would've liked to be a military fiction writer. I always enjoyed reading or watching movies regarding military life and culture in different countries of the world. Africa, Europe, USA, Middle East. I find it easier to write on these matters and subject and I imagine myself writing and publishing short novels of fiction

with stories and characters in this field. Also, I would add some science-fiction in it like space travel or planets and maybe make them as movie scripts also. 🪖🫡

Alex, then asked our Copywriter & Social Media Associate, Florian Ivanica.

Alex: What sport would you like to practice and you haven't yet?

Florian: Ever since I was a child, I was passionate about tennis and I was always fascinated by the style and elegance of Roger Federer. I would have loved to practice this sport, but I am happy to play it occasionally with friends. 🎾🥎

Florian passed the question to Madalina Mirigel, our Research Executive.

Florian: What would you say to yourself at the age of 18 if you met now?

Madalina: I would tell the 18-year-old me to live each day with courage, joy and confidence, that each of the days to come will be more beautiful, will bring something new and good for the future.

To trust people and to love them regardless of how they answer and to be convinced that a simple life is a wonderful life. 👧💓

She picked our Project Associate in Project Management EMEA, Iuliana Isariev.

Madalina: If no one would know where you are and what you are doing, and couldn't find out, how would you like to spend 4 hours?

Iuliana: In the past few months, I've been really into K-pop. Just one band: Stray Kids. So, I would definitely spend every minute of those 4 hours with the members. 👨‍🎤🎤

Iuliana, then asked our Finance Associate, Raluca Iorga.

Iuliana: What would you do if you won the lottery?

Raluca: If I win the lottery, I

would invest the money in long and wonderful trips. I would also donate to animal shelters because I strongly believe stray animals deserve a chance too. 💰🐾

Raluca picked her colleague, Ioana Stanescu, our Finance Associate.

Raluca: Where would you like to live, apart from Romania and why?

Ioana: I would like to live in Spain, most likely in a city like Málaga, as close as possible to the beach. I choose Spain, because it is a country with a much warmer climate than Romania, more spectacular beaches and delicious food. I had the opportunity to visit Málaga for a few days, and I realized that if I had to leave Romania, I would definitely move there. 💃 🏖️

She then chose George Ganea, our Senior Director, Marketing & Panels.

Ioana: What is your best memory from college?

George: Once, I fancied myself as a Bohemian writer, so when it started raining on my way back from the university, I strolled in rain. I felt proud of my choice, as my mind was immersed in creative thoughts. It took me one week to recover, from the cold I caught that day. ⛆✍️

George chose our COO in Business Development, Paula Pislaru.

George: What is the one thing you always promise yourself not to do again, but end up doing anyway?

Paula: I always promise myself that I will not have ice-cream in the evening, after a long dinner, but 1 hour later I end up doing it anyways... I feel guilty afterwards, but mango sorbet is the best! 🥭🍨

Paula, picked our Project Coordinator in Project Management, Cristian Chesaru.

Paula: What is your definition of perfect life?

Cristian C: A perfect life for me is the one in which every morning is an occasion to be grateful for the day before and happy to start a new one. 🌞😌

Cristian picked our Graphic & Web Design Coordinator, Dan Deaconescu, to answer his question.

Cristian C: What was your happiest day of this year?

Dan: I think that day was when I understood the depth of responsibility and joy that comes with shaping a young mind. 👶🧠

Dan passed the question to Liviu Micu, our Research Executive in Research.

Dan: If you could witness any event in the history of Earth or the Universe, what would it be and why?

Liviu: Unfair question. Why just one event? It would be interesting to see when the first wolves / proto-dogs got close to humans. Nobody really knows who initiated the contact, who domesticated who, so to speak. 🐺👨

Liviu gave the question to Daniela Cojocaru, our Copywriter & Social Media Associate.

Liviu: What is a surprising thing you saw in a city?

Daniela: I have been to many places that have pleasantly surprised me, but the one that truly won my heart is the Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains. That place is full of wonders hidden behind a veil, waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to listen. ⛰️✨

And then, she passed the question to our Director, Sales & BD, Cristian Craciun.

Daniela: If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Cristian: I truly believe that each one of us already has a superpower inside, something that we discover during our lives, it all depends on how you describe a superpower! If I would think about a SF superpower that one would definitely be related to the possibility of jumping to different time stages of our planet`s evolution! Time travel is one of the most intrigant aspect for many of us! 🦸⌛

Cristian selected Alexandru Dragomir, our Senior Sales Coordinator to join the game.

Cristian: If you were to write a book, what genre and the title would it be?

Alexandru: If I were to write a book it would be a romantic book. I might choose the title "A Love Beyond Time". The subject would be a love story that transcends the boundaries of time, emphasizing a deep and enduring connection between the characters. 🕰️👩‍❤️‍👨

And Alexandru finished the relay game by choosing our Project Coordinator in Project Management, Vanesa Vasiu.

Alexandru: If you were to make a movie, what genre and title would it be?

Vanesa: I would make a comedy movie called "A day in the life of a Chad". It would be a satire about high school bad boys and their leader, Chad. 🎥👦

We were excited to get to know each other better and to exchange wonderful stories with our social media community. DD Relay was a great opportunity to strengthen the bond within our team and we are grateful we could share moments, dreams and hopes with you! 🤩


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