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July Issue: DataDiggers has been ranked as one of the top 28 QUANT companies in 2021 by Quirk's!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Quantitative research providers offer a wide range of effective ways to gather data to give you the best insights for your project. So proud to let you know that Quirk's resource guide for quantitative research companies has featured DataDiggers as one of the top 28 quantitative research companies in 2021!


Our column is available online. Check it out, meet Paula, our COO,

and share your thoughts!

Let's work together!


Tell us what you think about our services & help us improve!

DataDiggers is an online research company that gathers thoughts and opinions from all over the world. But how about sharing your opinion about us on Google Maps, to help us improve our services even further?


Looking forward to getting better and being able to offer an even better experience to you, our partners!


Let's meet up in London, Munich, and Singapore!

We have put our plans on hold for a long time because of the pandemic. But we're back on track now! And what better way to resume our business than by meeting all of you, from around the world, during this autumn?

Quirk's which will take Succeet21 which will take MRMW APAC which will take

place between place between place between

13-14 October 2021. 27-28 October 2021. 10-11 November 2021.


Let's meet up, and catch up in person!


Have you read our most recent interview from the series "People of DataDiggers"?

As part of DataDiggers' new series of interviews, 'People of DataDiggers', you will get to know the people behind the fancy titles.

In this interview, we catch up with COO Paula as she shares her nostalgic memories of favourite concerts, past career mistakes, dreams, and aspirations.


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