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January Issue: 2023 - the year of fresh adventures! ✈🔥

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

2022 was indeed highly successful!

Let’s look back, to see how much progress we've made in the previous year!

✨ We've started shy, with two research projects that have established a new ground for us - searching for aspects of daily life that are of interest for us and for our partners, such as 🥗 "Vegetarianism in Romania" or 🦠 "Pandemic's impact on people's lives".

🌳 Then, when the first signs of spring appeared, we decided to give back to the community by dedicating a special campaign to "donating" and planting trees to a local school in Breaza, Romania. The campaign was titled "Run a study, plant a tree" and it was only possible thanks to our clients and partners, who ran studies with us and supported us in donating a part of the investment to this specific cause.

⚔️ With the increase of our research expertise, we decided it was time to address a more delicate topic: the "War in Ukraine" and dove into a comparative country analysis to understand how various nations perceive the conflict and what they are doing to aid refugees and the less fortunate.

🗣️ To honor 7 years of determination and hard work, we decided to host a different sort of "party" and aired a live webinar where we chatted about one of our most liked studies focusing on "The Life of a Panel Member". The research took both our clients and our panel members by surprise, given how honest and detailed it was in terms of how panel members genuinely perceive this industry.

💼 Autumn was reserved for important market research and insights conferences, as we’ve attended “IIEX” in Amsterdam and presented fresh studies at “Best of ESOMAR” in Bucharest and at “Succeet22” in Munich! The studies were well received by the general audience, since we chose to discuss two relevant topics: online dating and family dynamics under economic pressures.

🤩 Needing a break, we took our backpacks and gathered all the team in what we called our first official “teambuilding”. But to add to the fun even more, while the teams in India went on a safari, those of us in Romania visited the mountains. We had a great time!

⚽ The year's finale was just fantastic! We've conducted market research on a more niched topic: culture & football. Thus, “Football Museum Bucharest” has opened its doors in Bucharest and our insights proved to be essential and unique.

🎁 Finally, in order to share some of our joy with others, we organized the "Run a study, give a gift!" campaign, encouraging our clients to run studies with us and donating a part of the revenues to CONCORDIA's Humanitarian Association. The presents were well received by the children, as shown by their "Thank you" letters.

We look forward to 2023 and know that with your help, we can do the impossible!

Thank you for your trust!


Thank you for your support!

In December, right before Christmas, we’ve organized an amazing campaign called “Run a study, give a gift!” encouraging you to run as many studies with us and promising to donate a portion of the profits to CONCORDIA's Humanitarian Association.

The campaign proved to be a huge success, and thanks to you, we were able to act as Santa to a significant number of children and deliver them such lovely gifts. Each member of our team put a lot of thought and love into preparing the presents we provided, and we are so grateful that we were able to help. It's the small things that make a big difference, and we know we brightened these kids' holiday season!

The kids were pleasantly surprised with their gifts, and as a means of showing their gratitude, they sent us many "thank you letters" in which they expressed their happiness and drew us lovely images.

We are inspired to continue our mission of helping others through your support, by conducting quality research, and donating the funds to those in need. Let’s keep this goal and thought in mind in 2023!


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