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Survey programming can be run in many ways, but there are few common things that can be derived from any surveys. They should be providing the ultimate goal, should be simple and easy to manage and conduct, should generate crystal clear data and they must have the ability to get processed and provide decisions on that basis. This means that every survey is precisely designed or developed for a certain objective.


DataDiggers survey programming team has extensive experience in online market research, as well as in multiple programming packages, which are leveraged to support specific client requirements.

We are specialized in all frequently used technologies (CAWI, CAPI, CATI, TAPI, etc.) and we develop responsive design templates to run surveys on any devices. We can program online diary applications, gamified questions, branded designs, interactive forms, and more.

DataDiggers provides full technical support for online data collection. Your data is collected and stored on secure servers and is accessible anytime.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure the best quality for the survey programming and hosting we provide:

  • Project materials are proofed for translation by native speakers of each language, to make sure that the client’s original goals are not missed due to poor translation
  • Apart from the project manager that is in permanent contact with the client, two senior level local supervisors work on each project, ensuring backup throughout the project and availability of a knowledgeable contact at all times
  • Deliverables are thoroughly checked by two different experienced analysts to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client

Works best for ...

  • Tailor-made solutions matching your needs when it comes to any simple, or complex, online questionnaires.

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