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Questionnaires are research instruments consisting in a set of questions or other types of prompts that aim to collect information from a respondent. They can be both qualitative as well as quantitative in nature and may or may not be delivered in the form of a survey, but a survey always consists of a questionnaire. They typically offer a mix of close-ended questions and open-ended questions, with the long form questions offering the ability for the respondent to elaborate on their thoughts.

The questionnaire design depends on the type of information that is required to be collected, with qualitative questionnaires being used when there is a need to collect exploratory information or proving or disproving a hypothesis, while quantitative questionnaires being used to validate or test any previously generated hypothesis.


Regardless of the topic, target or countries of field, we have the right experience in creating and designing questionnaires from scratch, matching all your needs and requirements, or adapting, updating and checking your surveys for logical inconsistencies.

Our staff will first evaluate your requirement and answers you are looking to discover, based on your specifications, after which will come up with fully functional questionnaires, that take into account insights regarding the local culture, constructive suggestions on how to overcome the possible caveats.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure the best quality for the questionnaire building we provide:

  • Deliverables are thoroughly checked by two different experienced analysts to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client
  • Questionnaires can be delivered in the official local languages of each country you want to run the survey on – this way we avoid any bad data caused by insufficient understanding of the questions by the respondents
  • The translation of the questionnaire is always proofed by a native speaker, so that respondents can properly understand the questions – this service is obviously free for our clients
  • Apart from the project manager that is in permanent contact with the client, two senior level local supervisors work on each project, ensuring backup throughout the project and availability of a knowledgeable contact at all times

Works best for ...

  • Making sure you are asking the right questions, surveying respondents with a questionnaire you can fully trust

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