Online product test (iHUT)

An online product test (iHUT) is a type of CAWI study that involves shipping out a physical product to a certain pool of respondents who are required to test that product for a specific amount of time and summarize their experience in a subsequent online survey. The product can be pretty much anything from food to cosmetics and detergents. Some countries do not accept certain products, so please get in touch with us if you have any query in this regard.

Basically an online product test (iHUT) consists of 3 different stages:

  1. Recruitment: this is typically a short online survey meant to ensure the right profile is recruited for the product test stage; at the end of it there should be a question asking respondents for their acceptance to receive the product at home and participate in the product test
  2. Trial: it’s the period of time respondents are asked to test out the product; it ranges from 7 days (typically) to 14 days and sometimes extends to over a month
  3. Recall: this is the final online survey used to collect respondents’ feedback on the experience in using that product – researchers are interested to understand what they liked about it, to what extent, how much they would pay for it, what would they improve about it etc.


DataDiggers conducts online product tests (iHUTs) in the countries where we own strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as around the world via carefully chosen local partners. We can also do online product tests (iHUTs) based on client-supplied email lists.

We work with local logistics companies in each country we cover to make sure the products client wants to be tested are delivered on time and in right condition. At this stage we can also handle the product labeling on our end, if that is required.

However, if client prefers to handle product shipping on its own, that is something we are definitely fine with. Based on a written approval from our panel members, we will collect their personal data (email address, name, physical address product should be shipped to etc.) on our servers and will pass it to client after a non-disclosure agreement has been signed between us. Then client can decide who should receive the product at home and will send us the list of IDs for the chosen ones; after the trial stage, we will invite the testers to take the recall survey and share their opinions.

DataDiggers has the right experience in handling online product tests (iHUTs) – our staff will first evaluate the feasibility based on your specifications, will come up with insights regarding the local culture, constructive suggestions on how to overcome the possible caveats and an ETA for costs.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure best quality for the data collected using online product tests (iHUTs):

  • The online panels we use are all made of double opt-in members, who are incentivized for their contribution and can be re-contacted if necessary
  • We use specific digital fingerprinting software that automatically does members de-duplication on our end, so there is absolutely no chance for the same person to complete the survey twice or for someone who is not opening the survey from an accepted location to be able to access it
  • The translation of the questionnaire is always proofed by a native speaker, so that respondents can properly understand the questions – this service is obviously free for our clients
  • All the online surveys we conduct are de-branded
  • Interviews are always run in the official local languages of each country – this way we avoid any bad data caused by insufficient understanding of the questions by the respondents
  • Any respondent that provides poor quality answers (such as speedsters, flatliners etc.) is flagged and purged from panels
  • Internal validation of at least 10% of interviews
  • In full service project, the deliverables are thoroughly checked by our staff to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client.

Works best for ...

  • Products in a prototype stage of development: the online product test (iHUT) is a quick, inexpensive and accurate method to evaluate the features of a future product before the actual launching, allowing manufacturers to save important costs.

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