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An offline diary is a type of qualitative research that requires respondents to answer to a short set of questions every day for several days in a row, usually 7 or 14 days. The purpose is to determine whether the consumption behavior is changing in time, how it changes, what are the reasons triggering the change and other similar aspects.

The process is rather simple: respondents are recruited based on the profile client is looking for and sent over paper questionnaires for every day of the fieldwork; they would have to fill them out as instructed and then they can either send them back to the agency via mail or the agency can arrange to physically collect the completed questionnaires.


DataDiggers conducts diaries in all the countries where we own strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as around the world via carefully chosen local partners.

Depending on client’s requirements we can handle the full process through a carefully selected network of local agencies that have dedicated staff in each country or we can only conduct parts of the process. Either way we offer a free proofing of the study materials through native speakers of all local languages, to make sure client’s original objectives are not missed due to poor translation.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure best quality for the data collected in offline diaries:

  • Apart from the project manager that is in permanent contact with client, two senior level local supervisors work on each project, ensuring backup throughout the project and availability of a knowledgeable contact at all times
  • Project materials are proofed for translation by native speakers of each language, to make sure that client’s original goals are not missed due to poor translation
  • Deliverables are thoroughly checked by two different experienced analysts to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client.

Works best for ...

  • Tracking the changes that happen in the consumers’ behavior within a specific amount of time and explain the reasons behind them.

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