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Coding is a market research service that means analyzing and organizing the answers received in open-ended answers into specific categories or patterns, so that they are easier to interpret by clients.


DataDiggers does coding in all the countries where we own strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as around the world via carefully chosen local partners.

The codeframe used in coding can be either provided by client or we can design it internally. Finally, coding can be done directly in the survey language or in English, based on client’s preference.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure best quality for the coding we deliver:

  • Apart from the project manager that is in permanent contact with client, two senior level local supervisors work on each project, ensuring backup throughout the project and availability of a knowledgeable contact at all times
  • All coders we use are native speakers of local languages and fluent in English; on top of that, we only work with those who are able to provide relevant references for their past work
  • Deliverables are thoroughly checked by two different experienced analysts to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client.

Works best for ...

  • One-stop-shop cost & time efficient solution for any coding need
  • Reliability on the coding quality: we only use native speakers with relevant experience who are also fluent in English.

Need a high quality provider of coding services for your market research projects?