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CAWI stands for Computer Assisted Web Interviewing and it refers to data collection based on an online questionnaire which automatically adjusts its flow of questions depending on the answers provided by respondents. This way the relevant questions are always addressed to the right people.

Interviews are self-administered, which has a significant advantage over other methodologies when it comes to sensitive topics; also, CAWI has zero bias probability caused by interviewers, since there is no one involved in the process.


DataDiggers does CAWI in all the countries where we own strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as around the world via carefully chosen local partners. If needed so, we can also do CAWI based on client-supplied email lists.

Aside from regular consumers, we are able to pre-target various audiences, such as IT Decision Makers, Business Decision Makers, C-Level employees, employees working in specific industries, mothers of babies, mothers of kids, pet owners, travelers, smokers etc. and also healthcare ones – doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients.

Ad-hoc surveys
Concept tests
Price evaluation
Package tests
Tracking studies
Product tests

What's in it

Here is the full list of services we handle for our customers in terms of CAWI:

  • Sample only (meaning we only provide the sample, while client is coming up with the programmed survey link)
  • Full service (including programming, hosting, sample and data delivery)
  • Survey programming and hosting
  • Questionnaire localization
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data processing
  • Coding
  • Translation of questionnaire or verbatims.

Why are we different

Exactly how are we different?

  • No set up fees and no minimum fees, therefore no strings attached for our clients
  • Flexibility all the way – costing, timing, process, procedures etc.
  • Friendly professional staff with a consultative approach
  • Free questionnaire localization and translation proofing
  • Incredibly low translation costs for questionnaires and verbatims (open-ended answers)

Quality control

The online panels we use are all made of double opt-in members, who are incentivized for their contribution and can be re-contacted if necessary.

We use specific digital fingerprinting software that automatically does members de-duplication on our end, so there is absolutely no chance for the same person to complete the survey twice or for someone who is not opening the survey from an accepted location to be able to access it.

The translation of the questionnaire is always proofed by a native speaker, so that respondents can properly understand the questions – this service is always free for our clients.

All the online surveys we conduct are de-branded, so that there is no bias caused by posting a certain brand within the survey.

Interviews are always run in the official local languages of each country – this way we avoid any bad data caused by insufficient understanding of the questions by the respondents.

Any respondent that provides poor quality answers (such as speedsters, flatliners etc.) is automatically flagged and purged from the online panels.

In full service projects, the deliverables are always thoroughly checked by our staff to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client.

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