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Getting to know DataDiggers - Florian Ivanica (Copywriter & Social Media Associate)

Florian Ivanica, our newest Copywriter & Social Media Associate is a positive person with never-ending dreams!

He holds a bachelor's degree in Communication and Public Relations and is presently pursuing his marketing career by taking each challenge that comes his way! In his free time, he enjoys meeting new people and traveling!

Would you like to get to know him better? Then keep on reading!

What does working in the market research industry mean to you?

I'm still getting used to this field. Until a month ago, honestly, I didn't know much. But it seems to me that it offers many possibilities for evolution and I promise that I will learn!

From whom in the market research industry have you learned most in your career?

At the moment I am learning from every colleague of mine. I hope that one day I will be able to learn someone too.

If you were able to bring someone in our DataDiggers team, who would that person be and why do you think they'd be great for our company?

Me. You have found the right man :))

What was the most important challenge you had to go through in your career?

I think this is the biggest challenge right now. I say this because in a few months I will have to present my dissertation and I still haven't figured out how to do the 30-hour day.

Thinking about your career, what is the achievement you are most proud of?

I think that was the moment when I presented my bachelor's thesis at an international conference organized by my university. I struggled with great emotions to speak in front of such an audience.

What's the biggest mistake you've ever made in your career?

I think we make mistakes every day. Sometimes without realizing it. But that's how we learn, right? I couldn't name one.

What does success mean to you?

For me, success is when you are at peace with yourself.

What do you do to move forward in the profession you have chosen?

I learn every day. And I have a passion. I don't think anything can be done without passion. And most importantly, I'm willing to make mistakes. I think when you no longer see the mistake as something bad, you just have to win.

How would you describe the market research industry in Romania?

I think it is a growing field. I think in a few years, people will look at it with different eyes.

Is there something new that you have learned in the last 2-3 years, in your career, or in your daily life, which you find is important?

I think it's important to know that sometimes what you do well today won't last forever. You always have to do good things to be really good.

If you were able to meet yourself, at the moment when you first got hired, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I think I'm too young to do this exercise. But I went on the road thinking that I would do nothing that would not make me happy.

If you were to give advice to one of your former managers, what would that be?

Stop chasing profit at any cost. A business means more than that.

Why did you choose to work in the market research industry?

I think the industry chose me. :)) Probably because it is a field that the world doesn't know much about and that deserves to be promoted.

What advice would you give to someone starting in the market research industry?

I am still not in a position to give advice. But I believe in a universally valid advice: be open to learning!

What was your ‘dream career’ when you were little?

I really liked football and I always saw myself commenting on it and analyzing it. Okay, I'm still doing this with my friends, so I can say that the dream is half over. :))

What do you think is the most important thing in life?

As I said above, I think it's important to be at peace with ourselves.

What are you planning to do in your next vacation?

Uhm ... I'm probably going to a beach place, where I'm going to sit in the sun with a glass of rose wine in my hand. I'm kidding, I don't like being in one place, but I love the sea!

What is making you get up from bed even when you have a bad day?

Definitely coffee!

What are your dearest memories, some that you always think of with joy?

Every holiday comes with unforgettable memories.

If you could change something from the past, make a different decision, what would it be and why?

I wouldn't change anything from the past. If that happened then I probably wouldn't be here today.

If you could go anywhere in the world, at any time in the past, what would that be and why?

I think in the interwar period, because I would be curious to know what life was like for people then.

Can you name one hobby that you really enjoy?

Football is part of my life. I like to go to the stadium on weekends and detach myself from the things of everyday life.

What’s your favorite book and why?

Hard question. I recently discovered Nicholas Taleb's book series, with the well-known Black Swan, and now I'm reading "When Your Skin is in Play."

It seems incredible to me how so many things can be hidden in everyday life.


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