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10 reasons to choose DataDiggers

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in a society that is filled with choice. You have a large variety of options, from your Netflix subscription to your internet provider, to the school that you will enroll your kids at, to the brand that you will buy your bread loaf today from.

Someday you might feel like you have way too many options, while others you may feel like you do not even want to make a choice at all.

But is a large variety always a good sign? Not really. Because, most of the time, we become confused, unable to make the right choice. We usually make our choices based on what others tell us, or based on how we feel about a product or a service.

What if we told you that it can be easy, at least this time? What if we told you that we have got the right tools to help you conduct quality market research like no others’? What if we told you that choice is only right when it is based on the real experience of real people?

We have got 10 reasons why you should choose us, DataDiggers, for the best market research tools. And if somebody tells you differently, we have got the facts to back it up.

  1. We offer 24/7 coverage for sales and project management. That means no stress for you because our team is made of professionals who will take care of your needs.

  2. We have a highly experienced staff on 2 continents. We gathered together the best team possible because our team represents us, and we can not afford to make mistakes.

  3. We offer free weekend coverage whenever required. Do you know what that means? We are here to help you day and night, working day or not.

  4. We have flexible testing and launching hours. Everything is flexible here, and you are the one who decides when is the perfect time to launch a study.

  5. A speedy and hassle-free process from A to Z is what we like to call our way of working. We think that things should be simple, in a world that is already difficult enough.

  6. We do not believe in forcing people to pay a minimum amount of money for a service or for a product, that is why we do not practice any minimum fee or setup fee.

  7. You can benefit from free questionnaire localization at all times. Yes, it is free!

  8. We have the best-experienced people in high-quality programming, coding and translation. That means that there is not a bug or a problem that can stop your plans from going further.

  9. Our panels are considered “healthy” due to the fact that we manage to make daily incentive payments.

  10. We offer excellent support for mixed methodologies (qualitative, CAPI, CATI, etc.)

But that is not all. We are proud to say that among our current customers there are both large full market research companies, as well as different online panel suppliers: Kantar, Toluna, Ipsos, GfK, YouGov, Respondi, Dynata, Cross Marketing and many more.

Our policy is what differentiates us from others because we care about the quality rather than quantity. And we do believe that customer happiness is the best type of payment!


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