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Celebrating 7 years of DataDiggers!

We are grateful for your trust and support of our services!
These seven years would not have been possible without you, our clients. 
Our anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to share our values and, as a result, the quality of everything we do.

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Being a panel member is not difficult, but it is not easy either. And the efforts of our panelists are the foundation of our company.
That's why we decided to dedicate our company's anniversary to our panel members, asking them what it's like to be on the panel and what they'd like to see changed or improved.

On this matter, consider our invitation to a special webinar in which we will discuss the conclusions of our anniversary study.

The webinar will take place at 4.30 p.m. EEST, on May 5th, 2022, and is free of charge.

In everything we do, from recruiting panel members to delivering survey completes, we strictly follow industry standards and ethics codes as part of our dedication to meet the highest level of performance!


“Life is a like a box full of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get."

Daniel, the Chief Executive Officer of DataDiggers, is the one who keeps the company running and the team flowing!

And he's been here since day one, trying to make ends meet while maintaining the high quality standards of our services, no matter how complicated things got. Today, he's here to reflect on the last seven years from his personal point of view.

The life of a panel member.
Study analysis

Most panel members are completing surveys mainly for the money. The vast majority of them also draws some emotional benefits from taking part to online studies.
They really believe their opinion actually counts, that is taken seriously and that in the end it’s helping to create better products & services, improved public policies or even to make the world a better place in general.


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